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Jan 12, 2007 02:04 PM

MIke's Bistro Review--Excellent

I dined there last night with a party of 10. We sat in the front, elevated part of the restaurant. There was a big party upstairs and we made a late reservation, so we were told (in advance) that the only way to accomodate us was with a price fix and everyone should order the same thing (options given in the morning for us t decide). Given we made a reservation Thursday morning for ten on thursday night, I had no problem with the arrangement, especially since we split the bill anyway, this prevents some mamzar from ordering the most expensive item and not offering to pay more....
The food:
Gnocchi--Delicious as usual. Wish I had a drop more, but I wish I had a drop more of alot of things in life...
Squash Soup: Big hit. Really tasty and really was perfect with my Lagavulen.
Short Ribs: Everyone knows how good they are. Extremely soft and tender, delicious marinade, but not overwhelming--side of mashed p and veggies were great too.
Service: Excellent.
Comfort: Great--we essentially had our own room. Lookng around the restaurant, the tables seem well spaced and I imagine we would be comfortable wherever we sat.
Overall: Great night, great dinner, great everything.
Price: We really went to town on the booze, and our custom is to pay for birthday boy, so although it came out to 100 a head, you must consider that e/one had scotch, wine, beers...I think our liquor bill was 250-300!!
When we go out for birthdays, we usually go to La Marais--they fit as many as we want on late notice, and you know you are getting a good steak...but the place seems to be getting more and more crowded and less comfortable... for 10-20 extra a head, Mike's is a superior experience.

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