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Jan 12, 2007 02:02 PM

schenectady (capital region) restaurant week

I am not a great fan of restaurant weeks, but they can on occasion be a nice chance to try a new place. Schenectady is having one next week – the details are here:

I am a big fan of Cella Bistro, and I think Parisi’s, Glen Sanders and the Stockade Inn also offer top-notch food. The Parker Inn menu looks good but my understanding is that they have a very limited kitchen, so I am leery of the execution. I have only ever had drinks and nibbles there. Taj Mahal offers tasty, generic Indian, though it is quite inexpensive normally, so the deal is not so great. Same w/ Morrette’s (known for its steak sandwiches,) Moon and River (vegetarian) and Chez Daisie (crepes.) Clinton’s Ditch, Pinhead Susan’s, Union Inn and Katie O’Byrnes offer pretty standard but tasty enough bar food generally, if you’re in the mood for that sort of thing. We went to Manhattan Exchange once w/ friends and were underwhelmed. The others are new to me.

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  1. Wow! Schenectady has come a long way since I was in school there! They ought to think about doing something like this in the Spring!

    1. Of the restaurants mentioned, Parisi's is by far a favorite of our family - parents and kids alike. The menu has a wide variety of light food to hearty food -- always fresh and delicious. We are all a big fan of the steaks and salads. The atmosphere is far more fun than the other staid restos mentioned, especially w students.

      Of the others, we ate at Glen Sanders and the food was fair and the only room available because of private functions was the basement bar. It was dark, dank, cold and uninviting. The Stockade Inn, although quite pleasant had somewhat greasy food, which did not match the ambience of the room.

      The staff at all three were very pleasant.

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        We quite enjoy Parisi’s. Have you ever gone to one of their monthly wine dinners? We’ve been to a number and quite enjoyed them; they aren’t the very best I’ve ever had, but they are unquestionably one of the better values. They are also efficient at getting the 5 or 6 courses out – I like a long, leisurely meal, but I don’t want to be eating at midnight on a work night, so that is appreciated. I bet you’d enjoy Cella Bistro as well. We have only been to Glen Sanders a couple of times, with visiting relatives, but never had the problems you described, luckily. I was surprised to hear the Stockade Inn food described as greasy. I know they have a lounge menu that is more bar food – is that what you ordered? We just order from the regular menu and sit in the lounge. I am a fan of the crap cake app – that and a salad is more than enough for me.

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          Stockade Inn -- I was there for a large lunch function several months ago and the food was amazingly yummy, especially for a banquet -- fish cooked perfectly, good sauce, nice presentation including some sesame seeds. I made a mental note to return for a regular meal. Haven't yet.

        2. I can't find the restaurant listings... Am I the only one who can't seem to find them in that link?

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            They may have been removed because the restarant week event was a couple of weeks ago - sorry.

          2. Along the same lines, Lake Ridge Restaurant in Round Lake has had for the month of January an excellent 3-course dinner for $20.07. Obviously, the month is about over, but when we were there for the special a weekend ago, they indicated the possibility of repeating the offer again in March. In any case, it's another very good place in the Capital Region to check out.

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              Thanks for the tip on Lake Ridge restaurant! I got an email from Parisi’s yesterday that they are doing the same ($20.07 4-course meal) for the rest of the winter, changing the offerings every two weeks. Unfortunately, I did not save the menu to post here, but it looked pretty good as I recall.

            2. I received an email from Mike @ Park 54 in Clifton Park. He is doing a Prix Fixe (three courses) for $30 on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and a tapas menu on Sundays during February. Has anyone tried this place ?