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Jan 12, 2007 01:47 PM

Baking and Pastry courses in the Portland, OR area

I'm going to be moving to the Portland area soon and I'm trying to find out if there is anywhere in the area that I can take some kind professional baking and pastry course. It could be a professioal school or not but I don't want a fullscale culinary program. I've contacted the Western Culinary Institute but haven't suceeded in getting any info out of them. Any input welcome.

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  1. Have you tried Oregon Culinary Institute:

    Under their "consumer courses" they have a 10-day baking class. But they don't seem to have an academic program exclusive to baking/pastry.

    1. At OCI, they will have a professional pastry program this spring. The 10 day baking class is one day a week and if the program isn't full, they sell them as individual classes. I took 3 of those classes this last set and they were a blast. They're not watered down and totally hands on. You get to take home everything you make. Really nice instructor too.

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        That sounds perfect! Thanx I'm checking out their site and schedule.