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Jan 12, 2007 01:41 PM

shelf life of batter with eggs

My dad asked me this one and i turn to you...

they made waffles, but had left over batter which they stored in the refrigerator from sunday to friday. is it still safe to cook even though it was stored with the eggs in it?

(I never store batter for long because it never seems to cook the same way the next time, so i would have just cooked it all and reheated the waffels when i wanted them)

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  1. Just asked him about what else was in it, to see if there was a reason to not cook it other than the eggs - turns out it was from a mix. Don't know if that makes any difference...

    1. I've never had luck with leftover pancake batter, even after one day the pancakes never turn out like the first day. They get flat and fail to rise. Perhaps the rising agent and flour get too soggy.

      1. The rising power from the baking powder will dissapate. The batter may sour a bit but it is smells fine add more baking powder and fire up that iron.

        1. You can use it the very next morning but don't keep it any longer. It's not worth the pain and suffering if the batter spoils.