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Jan 12, 2007 01:37 PM

Himalaya House - Eat in?

I saw Himalaya House mentioned on a recent thread, and I drove by it while driving around Locust Point to find out where some of the places mentioned are. Looking from the outside as I rolled by, I couldn't tell if there was any "dine in" space, or if it was just carry-out, adn at the time, there wasn't any nearby parking for me to stop and check it out on foot.

If somebody local to L.P. could provide me the answer, that would appreciated, and might save me some time on some future evening.


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  1. It's carry-out only...

    1. Yes, it's carry out only. I work near by and anytime someone orders from there, the food drives me crazy. In a good way.

      Their take out portions are generous. Their saag panner and chiken tika have served three meals for my wife and 2 year old.