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Jan 12, 2007 01:14 PM

Best Uruguayan Chivito sandwich in NYC?

A friend of mine just got back from Uruguay and has been raving about the chivito sandwiches they had down there. Can anyone recommend a place in the city that serves a solid chivito? As I looked through the archives I kept coming across a place call Parillada "18 de Jullio", although it also appears that that place has close. So - anyone got any other recs?

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  1. Only place I've seen them is at Parillada Mi Tio on Queens Blvd, across the street from the Target Mall in Elmhurst. They have two levels of chivito sandwiches, the regular, and the especial. That was my go-to sandwich when I lived around there.

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      Do you - or anyone, for that matter - know if these are available at dinnertime and within the restaurant, or are they lunchtime take-away fare only?

    2. You might want to check out El Chivito de Oro in Jackson Heights, Queens. I may have seen this on their menu. You may want to call first though before you make the trek out there.

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        While Chivito d'Oro is okay, I'm not a big fan. I've been there several times, but I don't remember seeing chivitos on their menu. They might have them, but I think you're still better off at Mi Tio.

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          Don Chich(sp) on Junction and Corona has sandwiches like the one described in the linked thread. I used to eat at 18 de Julio (Uraquayan independence day), it was good but not any different then the current version of Esquina Criolla.

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            They are on the menu at Chivito d'Oro but I've never tried them. But then, I've never tried a chivito anywhere...

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              Since El Chivito d'Oro is my second kitchen when my Argentine roommate is here, I can say for certain that they do have chivito sandwiches - beef and chicken (though both come with bacon, I presume). That's chivito al pan. They also have chivito al plato, which is the whole thing — I think it's skirt steak, melted cheese, ham and bacon — plus fries, ensalada rusa and giardinara without the bread. I've had them both and, while it's a bit salty for me, it's good.

              I'm not sure what you've had at El Chivito Eric, because there are some things that aren't great, but they serve up a great skirt steak (entraña), asado de tira, and vacío (flank steak). I always get them medium, which is medium rare anywhere else, in my experience. Their pickled tongue is also great. I like their spinach ravioli with the marinara and the pescetto (I've never figured out the spellling, but it's a slice of roast meat) that comes with it. And their spinach/chicken cannelloni with both white and red sauces and pesetto is to die for. Their churrasco is also tasty, and I love the mollejas (sweatbreads) with extra lemon.

              I don't like their potato salad too much, and their papas a la provenzal aren't up to La Porteña's, but their beef and pasta is qute good. Make sure they know you know your meat and they'll treat you right. That's if you're not in a hurry. It's got to be one of the slowest places around.

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                I guess I need to pay Chivito d'oro a visit again soon. I've had the entraña and vacio there, and they were pretty standard good quality along with the other Queens Argentine places, but I really didn't think their chimichurri was that good. Or else, I like the chimichurri at the other places a lot better.

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                  It's true. I find the chimichurri to be uneven. Sometimes it's good, and sometimes it tastes a little weird. I've never asked if they get it from someone or make their own. I like it when I order the rasonably priced BBQ half chicken and a bit with the meats, but they're so flavorful without. Actually, I mostly eat it with my bread before the food comes. For the sweatbreads and the milanesas, we usually put lemon on. You know, everyone raves about chimichurri when they go to Argentine places, but I just realized that my Argentine friend, who grills all the time (we have to dismantle the smoke detector when he's here) never likes to adulterate the flavor of good meat with chimichurri. I can't remember him ever using it. How strange! But a lot of my favorites there don't require chimichurri. Another thing that's fun sometimes is the palmitos en salsa golf. It's like long hearts of palm with a kind of Thousand Island dressing (actually, Saint Lawrence River since it doesn't have the pickles) with ham and hard-boiled eggs. Anyway, I like it.

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                    lol! i had almost forgotten but my spouse fell in love with golf sauce when we were in argentina. its a combo of ketchup and mayo in a squirt bottle. are those uruguayan chivitos!

                    i fell in love with the red beer, which is quilmes topped with a splash of tomato juice and also the one topped with grapefruit juice. heh!

          2. I was in Uruguay for a week in late December 2006 and ate an awesome chivito EVERY day for lunch. It was definitely tops for best sandwich of all time. Once I got back to NY, I was determined to find a great chivito place. Luckily, I moved to Jackson Heights within the past year and found that El Chivito d'Oro was just a few blocks from my apartment. Alas, I was very disappointed. I had the Chivito al Plato. It was way too much food on the plate and the chivito wasn't that great. I've been meaning to go back and give the Chivito al Pan a try. Although I would still love to find a great Chivito place in NY, I think I've been spoiled by my experience in Ururguay.