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Jan 12, 2007 12:10 PM

"Kitchen" for Mexican?

Has anyone been to Kitchen on 8th Ave. in the 20's lately? I'm looking for really good Southwest/Mexican fare, but without the attitude/associated high prices and I remember this place as being pretty good. What I'm craving is homemade tortilla chips, good guacamole and whole beans, (not the standard refried glop). Any other suggestions?

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  1. It's called Kitchen Market. The affiliated restaurant is Bright Food Shop. I've been for brunch and thought the food was very good.

    1. i was wondering about this the other day when i was in the area. i used to love their take on chicken soup/stew, but i haven't been since 2000 (at the latest).

      1. I think it closed. Sometime in december. But it was very good.

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          I'm not sure where you heard that. I haven't been by in a couple of weeks, but I just called the number, and they're definitely open.

        2. interesting. i also havent been in a while and a friend of mine told me. Sorry, bad information. Well i am glad its still open, i love the shop to get mexican products. Thanks for the info...

          1. i thought kitchen market was only to go.

            their sf burritos are great, as is their guac and tortilla pie (take home and heat).