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Jan 12, 2007 12:09 PM

Wild and free eggs

After reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma," I'm interested in trying really wild and free organic, cage free, running around in a pasture, natural-fed (not corn-fed) eggs. I'm curious if they are truly better. Which farmer's market in Center City (or Whole Foods or Trader Joe's) has the 'best,' meaning best treated, most natural-pasture-life eggs? And have you noticed a difference in their taste or consistency from regular supermarket eggs? Thank you.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I haven't noticed much of a difference taste-wise. But as long as those organic, free-range eggs can be purchased with wicked-good bacon, breads, homemade butter, other meats, etc. as they can at the various Amish stands at the Reading Terminal Market, I'm a happy dude.

      1. we've also not noticed a difference except for the price. however, it makes my tree-hugging-type roommates happy, so we get the free range eggs. :) i think she gets them from the RTM.

        1. Farm fresh, organic eggs are amazing and truly different IMHO. We buy ours through Winter Harvest -- a weekly produce, meat, and dairy delivery sponsored by Farm to the City. Check out:
          for more information.

          The eggs are supplied by Forest Acre Farms -- Forrest Acres Farm located in Gap PA, Lancaster County. They are even marked with the day that they are laid, generally the day before I get them.

          1. I get the Forrest Acres eggs too and definitely notice a difference. First, the color of the yolks is much more bright and vibrant than supermarket eggs. I find them much more flavorful when eaten alone, fried or scrambled. They don't act much different in recipes, so since they are so expensive, I tend to use them only for applications where they really make a difference.