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Jan 12, 2007 12:07 PM

Dogwood Grille, Richmond, VA I just don't get the appeal

Dogwood Grille has gotten many awards (okay, I don't take Richmond reviewers very seriously because IMO they just aren't very good)and acolades here on Chowhound. And I am baffled as to why.

Hubby and I tried it shortly after it opened and had a horrific meal. Last night we decided to give it another try because of all the press it had gotten and also they are now established, etc.

The worst meal I've ever had in Richmond, hands down. And the entree was "only" $28. I got the salmon. It was fishy and overcooked. It was supposed to be filled with corn (it was served in puff pastry) and there was no corn to be had. The black bean chili fusion had two black beans and was bland. The waitress did notice I wasn't eating the entree and took it off the bill. Hubby got the baby fried chicken which was greasy on the outside and dry on the inside and the cheese grits were underdone and bland and the greens too bitter to eat.

We will not be back.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Janet. I also wonder if you thought the dishes were at all creative or if they are like so many other overpriced restaurants in town. My wife and I find so many restaurants to be a derivative or copy of others. I hate when I try a new restaurant and it's hardly different from others that are already here. There was a time when it seemed everyone had garlic mashed potatoes as a side.

    My wish is that our restaurant scene would become more diverse. It has improved in the 9 years since I've lived here but it could be a lot better. Take in mind that I moved here from Southern California so I was a bit spoiled. ; )

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      I think for a city our size, Richmond has a great venue of restaurants (Hubby and I eat out about 4 nights a week on average) but it also seems that the ones getting the most press are the ones that are the most overrated. I call it the Frog and the Redneck syndrome.

      1. re: Janet from Richmond

        It's funny you say that because it seems that certain restaurants get reviewed over and over again. I have to say that I felt the same way about the Frog and the Redneck.

    2. DH and I ate there this weekend, with the exception of the dessert (turtle brownie, very pedestrian) it was all quite good. Not the best food I've had in my life, but quite nice for the price and for Richmond, imo. I had the foie gras and the crab cakes, both were specials, and DH had the wontons (very good) and the steak special. Maybe it is the kind of restaurant where you would be wise to focus on the specials of the evening. That said, I enjoyed my meal there and will return, since there were several items on the regular menu that caught my eye.

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        The menu "catches the eye" and looks wonderful. The execution stinks. Granted Richmond Magazine isn't the "go-to" source for restaurant recommendations but Dogwood being "Restaurant of the Year" is ridiculous.