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Help for a Diabetic with a demonic sweet-tooth.

So I was just diagnosed with diabetes, and like all the diabetics I know, I was cursed with an insatiable sweet-tooth. I might as well slit my throat if I were to go completely cold turkey without sugar, but I will have to limit my sugar intake and substitute some of my carbs. Does anyone have any good recommendations for good sweets, pastries, candies, ect. that don't taste like chemicals? Maybe made with Splenda or agave nectar?
Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Mani's Bakery offers tons of goodies with natural and sugarfree ingredients. I've had many cake slices there (it's so hard to resist getting more than one to go!), and I've never noticed a difference in taste.

    Good luck, and my well wishes!


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      I have to point out that places like Mani's, M Cafe and the Newsroom may use organic ingredients or claim to be sugar-free, but nearly all their sweets are packed with sweeteners like honey, concentrated fruit juice and rice syrup that your body will react to exactly the same way as white sugar. Unfortunately, the desserts at M Cafe mostly seem to have a soy aftertaste unless they are completely fruit-based. Diabetics can't assume that any baked goods are actually sugar-free, especially since even those sweetened with Splenda could have enough flour/starch to put them over the limit.

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        I think the desserts at Manis are not very tasty, which they apparently make up for by supersizing them - we are talking huge - probably 700 calories a pop. Hope you are sharing.

        I like the desserts at Inaka on La Brea. They only have 2 - an apple nut concoction and chocolate tofu mousse. They are not supersized or too sweet. They hit a sweet spot, but unlike the real sugary stuff they dont do that mean trick where one is never enough and you crave more and more.

      2. M Cafe de Chaya

        Newsroom Cafe

        1. Well, there's the "healthy dessert" store -- I'm sorry I can't remember the exact name, it's something precious like the Skinny Sweete Shoppeppepepe. It's on the corner of Honolulu, Verdugo Rd, Verdugo Blvd and Montrose Ave, right at the edge of Montrose Shopping Park, in Montrose. Across from the Rocky Cola Cafe (a must-miss, BTW) and down from Zeke's Smokehouse.

          1. The Cobbler Lady in Crenshaw Square (3854 Crenshaw Blvd.) makes excellent sugar free apple, peach and cherry cobbler, I believe using Splenda. However, they are only made three days a week (I think MWTh, but I'm not sure), and the cherry is only made on one of those days, though there are often leftovers the next day. They also have sugar free tea cakes at times.

            1. fiore, little tokyo
              all natural frozen yogurt sweetened with stevia

              1. Trader Joe's stocks sugar-free chocolate that is really good. Don't overdo it, though, as if you eat a ton it has a laxative effect.

                Also, this is an excellent book for living well w/diabetes: http://snipurl.com/17dhs

                1. The Rocky Mountain Chocolate shop in the Hollywood & Highland center (and probably at all other locations) has a nice selection of sugar-free chocolates. Most larger chocolate shops will have sugar-free options. Do go easy on it till you know what it'll do to your system, though!

                  There are also a couple stores that specialize in low-carb/sugar-free items. Low Carb U on Melrose/Vine and "Heavenly" something-or-other on Van Nuys near the 101 freeway exit. Look for sugar-free/low-carb cheesecakes there. They're excellent (as is the Cheesecake Factory sugar-free/low-carb cheesecake).

                  1. Thanks to all of you for the advice. Chowpatty, you make a good point, I will be careful with these products.

                    1. The best sugar free desert I've found in a long time are the sugar free brownies at Leonidas Chocolate cafe


                      Unlike nearly all "sugar free" desserts, it really didn't have much if any impact on my bloodsugar, and they tasted like the real thing (no aftertaste).

                      Just so you know, I've been diabetic since I was 7 y/o (20 years now). The key is really excercise and eating healthily, which doesn't neccessarily mean never having sweets. You can, but just limit the portion. A small chocolate might have 5-10 carbs afterall, not that big of a deal. Big plates of pasta will get you in trouble a whole lot quicker.

                      Take care of yourself, good luck.

                      1. I just came back from a Golden Globe Suite and saw this new concept that is opening on Melrose. It's called Sweet Sugar and they have everything from Sugar Free chocolates that remind you of Almond Roca to Jelly Bellies and more. Of course, most of their items are for the sugar addicts - but it seems like the owner has a bunch of things for those trying to steer clear of the real thing. I think they open in February right before Valentine's. Great stuff. Will definitely check out as soon as they open.

                        1. If you are into the cold/creamy stuff, Big Chill on Westwood and Olympic has Carbolite frozen yogurt, sweetened with Splenda. Nice treat and almost all of the flavors are quite good. They have 2 Caroblite flavors everyday and over a week's time they change up the flavors 3 times, so you get 6 different flavors each week.

                          Best wishes to you.