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BEST fruits de mer plateau in the city...

jungirl Jan 12, 2007 05:37 AM

and if you could compare it to other restaurants that would be helpful. we're taking a friend for her birthday, and she was thinking maybe BLT fish, but i can't tell if they have a raw bar upstairs. is the downstairs platter decent? she's been to aquagrill a few times before, so she would rather try something new, but we all know they have the most selection. is balthazar really ridiculously touristy? and blue ribbon grill, how is the variety on the platter? jack's luxury oyster bar seems to get mixed reviews. it will be dinner for 3, so places that give 2 of each thing isn't great either.

i've been reading posts all night and can't seem to come to a concensus. i feel like everyone is just voting for the one restaurant they go to (not having been to the others). so anyone that can offer insight after having been to a number of places will be my hero!

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  1. guttergourmet RE: jungirl Jan 12, 2007 11:08 AM

    I'd try Artisanal or Blue Ribbon

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      harrison RE: jungirl Jan 12, 2007 03:05 PM

      If it ain't broke....

      Aquagrill is the choice.

      1. s
        Sean Dell RE: jungirl Jan 12, 2007 03:35 PM

        Balthazar isn't ridiculously touristy, not at all. And their plateau is as good as Aquagrill, although I prefer Balthazar's ambience.

        - Sean

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        1. re: Sean Dell
          Fielding RE: Sean Dell Jan 12, 2007 04:21 PM

          I love the plateau at Balthazar.

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          Simon RE: jungirl Jan 12, 2007 04:30 PM

          hi jungirl...

          i like Balthazar: while i prefer to go there on weekdays in the late-afternoons or very late at night, it's still a viable dinner option and has a nice festive atmosphere for a birthday...

          i wouldn't recommend JLOB - the selection is not very good, the service can be annoyingly stuffy, and the seats are cramped...

          by "blue ribbon grill" i'm not sure if you meant "blue ribbon" on Sullivan, or "Blue Water Grill", the seafood place on Union Square...i think Blue Ribbon has declined a lot over the years and with their no reservations policy, you might have a very long wait (okay if you don't mind drinking nearby for an hour or so, until they call you) -- i was never a huge fan of the place anyway...Blue Water Grill (Union Sq) is large and efficient and professionally run -- the oysters are always fresh and the room is nicely lit, but i've always thought it lacks charm and feels like a medium-high-end chain restaurant...

          i'd say Balthazar...in addition to the seafood, i recommend the salads, especially the beet salad and the Balthazar salad...

          1. guttergourmet RE: jungirl Jan 13, 2007 12:10 AM

            also BLT Fish is worth a try.

            1. l
              luveeting RE: jungirl Jan 14, 2007 09:24 AM

              balthazar and blue ribbon are also good--though certainly not cheap. i've had their towers, and they're excellent. the one at blt was very disappointing, though. in fact, i found the food there rather over-rated.

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