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Jan 12, 2007 05:24 AM

Olympic Cholent?

Olympic Pita has started serving cholent on Thursday nights. Not exactly what one expects to see there. At first I thought perhaps it would be a middle-eastern twist on the theme, perhaps with some elements of a North African hamin, or perhaps Yemeni spicing.
I joked to the manager that it tasted "just like Savta Masouda makes". But actually it's a bog standard Ashkenazi cholent; decent, but nothing spectacular. And no kishke.

I suppose for the Syrians down Kings Highway it might count as exotic ethnic food. Why should we Jaydubs have all the fun?

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  1. As if we needed another sub-par chulent offered on thursday nights. My question is, where can one find Hamin at a resteraunt or take out place in brooklyn?
    And also just out of curiosity, where do you think one can get the best ashkanazi chulent on a thursday night? Is Deli 55 the best availible?

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    1. re: essnbench

      Where exactly is Deli 55? Is it a restaurant, or take-out place?

      1. re: Bzdhkap

        its deli 52, and its on 13th ave and 52nd st in boro park

    2. In the Five Towns, the Five Towns Deli had delicious chulent. I don't know if the new owner of the former Five Towns Deli (now Al Ha'Aish) still makes chulent.

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      1. Cheskel's Shwarma King, VIP Chulent. I do not lie. Chulent is very good (and expensive). Make sure you get VIP--I think it comes wih kishka and marrrow bones. Order a side of "tall" potato kugel.
        Disclaimer: The chulent is very good, but IMO, homemade is the best, so don't expect the world--just a solid chulent.

        Cheskel's Shwarma King
        3715 13th Avenue
        Brooklyn, NY (New York) 11218-3601
        Phone: (718) 435-7100

        1. Mendolsohn's makes great cholent, but it's pareve.

          1. I love Meal Mart's on Ave. M but wish they put in fresh, not canned potatoes