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Olympic Cholent?

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Olympic Pita has started serving cholent on Thursday nights. Not exactly what one expects to see there. At first I thought perhaps it would be a middle-eastern twist on the theme, perhaps with some elements of a North African hamin, or perhaps Yemeni spicing.
I joked to the manager that it tasted "just like Savta Masouda makes". But actually it's a bog standard Ashkenazi cholent; decent, but nothing spectacular. And no kishke.

I suppose for the Syrians down Kings Highway it might count as exotic ethnic food. Why should we Jaydubs have all the fun?

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  1. As if we needed another sub-par chulent offered on thursday nights. My question is, where can one find Hamin at a resteraunt or take out place in brooklyn?
    And also just out of curiosity, where do you think one can get the best ashkanazi chulent on a thursday night? Is Deli 55 the best availible?

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      Where exactly is Deli 55? Is it a restaurant, or take-out place?

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        its deli 52, and its on 13th ave and 52nd st in boro park

    2. In the Five Towns, the Five Towns Deli had delicious chulent. I don't know if the new owner of the former Five Towns Deli (now Al Ha'Aish) still makes chulent.

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      1. Cheskel's Shwarma King, VIP Chulent. I do not lie. Chulent is very good (and expensive). Make sure you get VIP--I think it comes wih kishka and marrrow bones. Order a side of "tall" potato kugel.
        Disclaimer: The chulent is very good, but IMO, homemade is the best, so don't expect the world--just a solid chulent.

        Cheskel's Shwarma King
        3715 13th Avenue
        Brooklyn, NY (New York) 11218-3601
        Phone: (718) 435-7100

        1. Mendolsohn's makes great cholent, but it's pareve.

          1. I love Meal Mart's on Ave. M but wish they put in fresh, not canned potatoes

            1. Do any of the Sephardic food establishments (restaurants or takeout) on Kings Highway in Brooklyn sell Sephardic style chulent?

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                Essnbench already asked that. I'd also like to know the answer, if anyone can supply it. It's not that hamin is any great culinary experience either, but it would be nice for a change.

              2. Don't downplay the hamin or ashkanazi chulent. When done right homemade hamin or chulent can have a great "sophisticated" full taste. Or maybe I am slightly biased.

                1. Avi Glatt on Quentin Road is a Sphardic place, and they have cholent in their takeout department.

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