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Jan 12, 2007 05:15 AM

Are cheap good lunch eats possible in Park City, Utah???

I'll be in Park City for only one afternoon on an upcoming Saturday.
Where to eat that is good and relatively cheap??

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  1. OK. These are the places that I go to when I decide to eat lunch out instead of making lunch at home: In town:
    On Main St.: The Eating Establishment.
    In SoMa (South of Main) District (Bonanza Dr): El Chubasco, Spencer's Smokin' Grill.
    In Prospector: Cafe Trang
    If you want to pop in a place and pick up a sandwich for the road, Leger's in the strip mall where the new State Liquor Store is (the "Dan's Market" mall)

    I don't hit these for lunch unless I'm going with friends who live or work out at Kimball Junction:
    Loco Lizard, Red Rock (brewpub, but they don't brew on premises, get their beer from their Salt Lake brewpub), Szechwan.

    I was trying to think of other places on Main St. that I go to for lunch, and I honestly couldn't come up with any - it's more of a breakfast (EE or Morning Ray) or dinner place for me.

    1. The prepared foods, sushi chef and humongous "salad" and fixings bar at Wild Oats Market in the new Redstone Center are excellent and great value. They have a seating area so you can eat in what you buy or take out. Redstone is on the way into Park City on Route 224 close to the Kimball Junction border.

      Wild Oats has a design-it-yourself sandwich counter with large choices and interesting breads.

      Spencer's Grill is excellent value.

      There's lots of tasty food on Main Street, but for better value, eat off Main.