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What would you do with a hundred kisses?

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My SO's very sweet nephew (he's 8!) gave us a huge tin of Hershey's kisses. I'm not particularly into eating them straight -- I remember liking them as a kid, but they don't really appeal to me anymore. A friend suggested I make those peanut butter cookie things with the kiss on top, but I don't like peanut butter . . . so, any other good ideas for using them?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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  1. big ass chocolate chip cookies?

    1. Discretely give them away.

      1. I'd eat or make those peanut butter cookies for a bake sale or kids school. But you can melt or chop and use in any recipe calling for milk chocolate. Other than that, trade em to someone.

        1. Probably not what you were looking for, but I threw about 20 of those into my chili recently...

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            ¡Guácala! (Mexican Spanish for EWWWWW!!)

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              Oh hush ;-) Like you've never heard of chocolate in a mole before...

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                But not sweet milk chocolate in mole. It uses unsweetened. I agree EWWWWWWW!

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                  LOTS of chili recipes call for some kind of chocolate, even milk chocolate. Assuming you don't add too much, it adds a richness to the flavor that you don't detect as sweetness at all. It's really not that strange.

          2. If you have a reasonably cool and reasonably dry place to put them, they'll keep just fine practically forever. It's nice to have chocolate around the house, even cheap candy-grade, both for cooking and for putting out for guests...and if you still have most of them at the end of October, there's Halloween!

            1. Make Chocolate Puffs by wrapping crossiant or biscuit dough around a kiss; then bake.

              Make a chocolate frosting with chocolates, cream, butter, and vanilla; then, spread on pound cake or cupcakes or lick off a spoon.

              Toss em into trail mix or rice krispies treats.

              Change your friend's idea into macaroons topped with kisses.

              Chocolate mousse.

              Sourdough bread slices sandwiched with kisses, then grilled.

              Stuffed french toast.

              Grease a baking sheet. Line with mini-pretzels. Place a kiss on top of each. Bake for five minutes or less until kiss is completely melted, then let cool and solidify.

              Or Hershey's has these that look interesting...



              1. My daughter melted them and made dipped pretzels covered with chocolate jimmies.

                1. There's always the old "bring 'em into work, leave 'em next to the coffeemaker" trick. This seems to make almost anything disappear!

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                    and kisses would set a land-speed record

                  2. Float em in hot chocolate

                    1. Chocolate covered strawberries and bananas!


                      crush them and bake them in brownies.

                      Or melt them and swirl them over a cream cheese frosting spread over the brownies.

                      Or both.

                      1. Don't know if your aversion is to ALL nut butters, but could you make those peanut butter things with something else? I've never heard of almond butter cookies, but it might be something to try.

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                          I made almond butter versions of the peanut butter cookies this Christmas -- a couple times, they were so good. (I used the almond kisses, but they'd be fine w/regular.) The recipe's called "Almond Butter Blossoms" -- look at the Better Homes and Gardens web site (www.bhg.com).

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                            I bet that would be good with the dark chocolate kisses as well.

                        2. Put a big handful into a pretty cellophane bag, tie it with red, pink and white ribbons and use it as part of the gift wrapping for a Valentine's Day gift for someone special.

                          1. I made brown sugar brownies the other day and had some kisses on hand and I squished them into my brownie batter at about the center of each brownie. (you have to think ahead to how your going to cut them) Came out pretty decent. I gave the brownies a quick nuke before eating and had a lovely molten chocolate center. Of course a la mode!

                            1. Would they work in a a chocolate fondue? I've never made one, but I'm sure lots of other people have and could let you know... nice time of year for that, too.

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                                I've used kisses for fondue before (and toblerone, which is yummy!). Just mix in some heavy cream with the kisses and melt them on a double boiler or even in the microwave. Delicious with fruit, pretzels, marshmallows, etc.

                              2. OMG, I can not get Hershey Kisses where I am! I'll send you my address, I'd be happy to eat them til I'm blue in the face.

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                                  I have to know...Where are you that you can't get Kisses?

                                2. Make sugar cookies or shortbread and wrap the dough around a kiss. Or put a kiss in the middle of cupcakes. In both cases, the chocolate will get all melty.

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                                    I was going to suggest something similar- Flo Braker has a chocolate-peanut butter shortbread (but you could easily omit the peanute butter) that is wrapped around the kiss- Double Kisses in the Sweet Miniatures book.
                                    Also, there's a good Chocolate Chip Kisses cookie recipe on the hershey's website- mini-chocolate chip dough wrapped around the kiss:
                                    The website has lots of other recipes for using kisses as well.

                                  2. unwrap it slowly let it melt in your mouth taste the past and enjoy each one!

                                    1. get a brownie mix and drop them right in after stiring the batter up. YUM!