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Jan 12, 2007 04:58 AM

Going to Montreal for a week. Where to eat?

I've been to Montreal many times but this is the first time since becoming a chowhound. Schwartz's and bagels are a given. But where else should I go?

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    1. You have to visit Jean-Talon Market where you'll find produces and many specialty stores and vendors. You can have a very good lunch there going for a euro style dog (baguette and sausage of your choice) and many other things. Don't miss Havre des glaces where they make one of the best, if not the best, ice cream in Montreal IMHO.

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        I've been to Jean-Talon a few times. I'd imagine that it's more fun to check out during the summer month. I'll definitely check out the the ice cream place. Thanks!

      2. How about some 'hints': what kind(s) of food/cuisine you like or wish to try, price range if any, are you limited to a certain area of town, etc. Do you need recs. for all your meals(brekfast,lunch & dinner)? Great you'll be here for a week, you could get to try several good restos!

        1. I'm very open minded about food and I'm always looking for something new. Something that maybe I can't get in Toronto. I hear good things about Au pied du cochon. Is it worth checking out? Also, should I check out the place where you eat in the dark? I'd prefer any recs to be accessible via metro.


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          1. re: Chef_Fu

            Au pied de cochon is definitely worth trying. There are quite a few other worthwhile places - check some of the recent threads on this board. I recently read one of the most negative reviews I had ever seen, on O Noir (the place where you eat in the dark)- don't waste your time there.

            Other recommendations that you won't find in Toronto are Club Chasse et Peche, Joe Beef, La Loie...

            1. re: cherylmtl

              I don't recommend Club Chasse et Pêche. The food was not up to our expectations and it looks to me like a tourist trap. I recommend Cocagne and L'Express on St-Denis and Brunoise on Roy. The food is top quality, as is the service. We have never been disappointed.
              Soupsoupe is a good place for tasty soups and sandwiches. Olive et Gourmando is a good place for a relaxed Thursday night dinner.

              1. re: Josee

                I've been to Club Chasse et Pêche twice last year it they were two of the best meals I've ever had. The staff was friendly yet extremely professional, the food masterfully executed, their "ravioli de pintade" with foie gras shavings were to die for as was the suckling pig and foie gras risotto. The Harem is my favorite dessert there. It has nothing to do with a tourist trap.

                I'd say it's a must if you spend a couple of days in Montreal.

                1. re: Josee

                  Brunoise is actually on St-André (at Roy)

            2. You MUST eat at Schwartz Delicatessen, unless of course you are a vegetarian!