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Jan 12, 2007 04:45 AM

NYC Charcuterie

I am going to be in New York next week and I am interested in cool butcher shops or places that cure meats, do in house butchering, or just do anything that chowhounds think is interesting

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  1. strong recc. for the Polish butchers in Greenpoint between the Nassau & Greenpoint stops on the G-line. having done some research, will suggest Steve's (great in-house weselna), Sikorski (extremely generous, uses old-school smoker, all meats made in-house), and Polam Foods (pretty hopping, lots of prepared dishes)....

    only caution: don't eat before you go. you will be plied with samples.

    pix of steve's & kielbasa history at The Porkchop Express

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      Ditto Polam. I also like "W. Nassau" aka "Kizka" on Manhattan Avenue off Greenpoint Avenue, next to Chopin pharmacy.

    2. In Manhattan, I would recommend

      Salumeria Biellese - very tasty cacciatorini - try the wild boar version when available. The also do French charcuterie, too.

      1. 360 house cures their duck breast on their charcuterie plate. Damn, that restaurant keeps getting better.

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          I just went to salumeria biellese. I tried their salami which was good. I wanted to try some of their more exotic meats like duck or maybe some speck but the guy behind the counter said that they only sell that stuff wholesale as one big piece as opposed to lets say 1/4 pound. Am I missing something here? Is there a way I could buy half a pound of speck or something like that? Thanks a lot