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Jan 12, 2007 03:48 AM

Fish in Phoenix (Arizona)

Friends are taking me to dinner tomorrow night, my choice. I would like to keep it affordable for them and am in the mood for seafood. I live in central Phoenix but suggestions anywhere about town are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. i recently heard that taylor's chowder house was still open. now, i haven't been there in a zillion years, but that place used to have great fish. i fully plan to go check it out. if anyone else has been there recently and can give it a thumbs up, i'd say go for it.

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      1. re: hzp

        wow...growing up we went there a lot as a family.

        I remember all the plastic fish and fish nets on the walls


      2. It does sound like a fun place which I will try on my own in the future, but I forgot (sorry) to mention a wheat allergy in the group. Cream sauces and breading are taboo. Any thoughts for fresh fish? I love Ocean Club but thought it was too pricey for this occasion.

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          I don't think you'll find any restaurant that has a menu entirely free of wheat and cream. Your guest will just have to ask intelligent questions of the server in order to avoid problematic ingredients. Most restaurants that serve fish will usually offer a basic grilled preparation in addition to any preparation with rich sauces or heavy breading.

          The seafood restaurants I can think of in Central Phoenix tend to be chains such as McCormick and Schmick's and the Fish Market, both of which are reasonably good. In addition, high-quality independent restaurants such as Tarbell's and Eleve usually feature one or more fresh fish specials each day.

          I've heard a lot of good things about Wildfish in Scottsdale, but haven't gotten there yet:

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            Yes, she is used to working with the waiters and chefs. I was just hoping for a place with lots of easy options. :) Wow, the Wildfish Menu looks good, has any one been there? I forgot about the Fish Market--haven't been there in years, and I don't think I have been to M&S---I'll check out their site too. Great suggestions!

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              There are at least two reviews of Wildfish, and probably another of the sister restaurant Eddie V's, on this board.

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                Oppps! Neebie-error. Didn't even occur to me to do a search. Thanks!

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                i LOVE the fish market for sushi. but i always find (as do most of my friends) the regular menu to be severely lacking.

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                  We just went to Wildfish in Scottsdale for a 50th birthday dinner. AVOID IT, if you know seafood at all. Overcooked fish was the specialty that night. The waiter was all over the place and did not keep up with the problems at the table. They ran out of several menu items. Believe it or not, the steaks were delicious! But as for the fish, it was not fit for human consumption.

            2. Agree with Silverbear, I have had good experiences at Fish Market & McCormick & Scmick's although they are chains.

              1. One other option that occurs to me is Mexican seafood. There are a lot of places in Central and South Phoenix with that specialty. They tend to come and go, so I can't recommend a specific one based on a recent visit, but some possibilities I can think of are San Carlos Bay on McDowell Road by the 51 Freeway and Bahia Kino at Central and Broadway.

                This might be an option if your group is somewhat adventurous. Since most of the fish entrees are served with tomato-based sauces and corn tortillas, allergy issues should be minimal.

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                1. re: silverbear

                  OMG! I was truly addicted to a shrimp dish at San Carlos Bay for about a year. The owner always tried to give me the recipe---every time it was a bit different! :) I will need to go there this week anyway, now that you have reminded me. :)

                2. I love fish...and it's hard to find anywhere good here.

                  Like others we've had good meals at McCormick and Schmick. We always try to go there during Copper River season particularly - they do a nice job handling one of my favorites.

                  We've had hit or miss experiences at the Roy's at Chandler...the quality of the fish is always top notch but the execution sometimes isn't always there. We're learning what to order and what not to order(the trio item was a particular hit last time we went). The sushi and sashimi is always top quality but also top dollar...for sushi I'd rather hit Sakana.

                  We had a wonderful experience with fish at Binkleys...but that's definitely not a regular rotation restaurant but special occasions. Same at T. Cook's I've never been disappointed with a fish dish there either.

                  We came here from Seattle...and one thing I really miss is all the seafood options there.

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                  1. re: ziggylu

                    hmmmm, same experience with roy's---why is that I wonder? Was at T.Cook's for lunch yesterday for the yummy pear salad. I will check out Binkleys too, I have not been there. My very first experience with a seafood extravaganza was in Seattle. It set the bar high for years! :)