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Jan 12, 2007 03:42 AM

Elston/Addison area pre-theatre

Husband has instructed me to pick a restaurant in this area for before we go to a play nearby next Friday. We're both foodies, but anti-"froo froo" food, as my husband calls it. So far I've come up with San Goo Gap San and Tagine as possibilities. I've always wanted to try Korean BBQ, so we may go that direction. We're going to be coming from up north, so anything south of Evanston is pretty much fair game. (south of Evanston because we lived there and want to try something new)

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  1. I really like Semiramis for middle eastern food (4639 N. Kedzie). The specials are often outstanding. I had Lebonese sausages with winter vegetables on a bed couscous. It could not have been any better. They have excellent schwarma and kabobs as well. It is BYOB which in my opinion is a huge plus. It's just great simple food prepared well and it won't leave you broke.
    For dessert head across the street to the sweet shop. I think that Semiramis get their desserts from there but I prefer the full selection across the street.

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      The bakery across the street is called Nazareth Sweets and their stuff is amazing. Apparently they sell to many restaurants around the city. The semolina cake is outstanding as is the baklava. The owner is so gracious and helpful. A real treat!

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        Thanks, I couldn't come up with the name. I agree that the owners are fantastic. I could not believe all the stuff they gave me samples of.

    2. Noon-o-kabab for excellent Persian. One block south of Lawrence on Kedzie.

      Thai Aree at the corner of Addison and Milwaukee is quite good.

      Gale Street Inn on Milwaukee just North of Lawrence for decent steaks, lobster tail, and tasty non-smoked baby back ribs.

      I here that Al Kayaam serves great Middle Eastern as well. Most notably the chicken shawerma.

      Cheif O'Neils for an authentic Irish Pub atmosphere, food, and tunes

      1. Agree completely on Thai Aree (BYOB). Parking is a bit tough there.

        Also, Shirazz at Montrose and Lowell. Solid Middle Eastern.

        La Humita on Pulaski just south of Eddy, really good and value-priced Guatemalan