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My Mom Is 60 years old and her this is her 1st time in N.Y. I want her to try the best of N.Y. and only have 2 days

As I said I have 2 days next week to show the most wonderful Mother in the world the best places N.Y has to offer I only have 2 days and feel a little overwhelmed!!! Help! I know I personally want to stop at Artisanal From. I love cheese ... and Mom is a pastry lover.. I had a clipping of what N.Y.'s best of the best bakery was and lost it .. It had the most beautifully decorated desserts really fancy??? people order them from all over and they do ship maybe they were even on Martha? Also how about a place I heard of with tents and belly dancers??? I will be staying in East Elmhurst Long Island and do not want to disappoint her she has waited all her life for this!!!!
Thank you!!! 2 Daughters
Kim & Tiff

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  1. Do you want Manhattan restaurant info?

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    1. If you are looking for places in Manhattan you should post this on the Manhattan board.
      Great places for desserts: Payard (74th and Lexington), Bouchon Bakery (Time Warner Center) and Lady M (Madison and 78th). Lady M only serves desserts and small sandwiches, Payard is also a restaurant and Bouchon Bakery has soups, salads and sandwiches.

      1. If you don't want a true tea service I would suggest heading to Payard for lunch. They have a great $28 prefixe lunch that include a pretty pastry. They do have tea service at high tea time, but I would go with the real lunch instead. you'll feel like you are in Paris rather that NY though. LOL

        Bouchon is another great spot for lunch and you can shop around at the stores in the Time Warner Center as well.

        Alices Tea Cup is a favorite of mine as well. Try the Tea for Two which is a tiered service of scones, clotted cream and jam, finger sandwiches, and sweets. It's very casual and the presentation is not very pretty, but it's a nice spot to go with mom. They even have fairy wings that you can wear!!!!

        I would take mom for some pizza too. Try Lombardi's or Una. Or for a famous sandwich at Katz's

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          Wow thanks ... great feedback!!! I'm glad everyone loves their mom!!!!

        2. If your mom likes a cocktail, take her to the Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel on Madison Ave. Or walk over to Fifth Avenue and have the strudel at Cafe Sabarsky in the Neue Galerie. The River Cafe in Brooklyn has the most spectacular view of Manhattan and good food. Around the corner is Jacques Torres, for amazing chocolate desserts.

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            I'll second Bemelmens. Must go when there is live music though to get full NY vibe. I think it starts at 9:30.

            If you want something more casual try Brandy's Piano Bar on 84th between 2nd and 3rd. For me, one of the most nostalgic places in NYC. Been going here since I was 16 !!!

            1. PETER LUGAR for steaks.
              LOMBARDIs for pizza.
              ESS-A-BAGEL for a bagel.
              BLUE RIBBON for diverse menu, wine list, oysters, casual
              SPOTTED PIG for beers and burgers, world class for a pub. the lamb chops were deeeelish.
              go to CHINATOWN for chinese, myriad of choices; I like the WONTON DUMPLING HOUSE on MOTT.
              lots of choices for japanese also but NEXTDOOR NOBU is amazing especially for the non-sushi selections- get the bowl of crunchy fried shrimp
              go to E6th Street for Indian food but around the corner is MILLAN on 1st ave. up the stairs, so cheap, so good.
              I like MARYANNS for mexican, in the east village.
              PEARL'S OYSTER BAR for lobster roll, oysters of course
              NATHANS for hot dogs, fries, in coney island brooklyn, worth the trip.

              1. I would recommend Katz's Deli.(on E. Houston) It My Dad took me there every Sunday when I was a kid and now I take my husband.
                If you are looking for cheese, I strongly suggest you try the Ideal Cheese Shop on 1st ave around 51st Street....just north of the UN.
                And if Mom fancies a beer, I would suggest McSorley's. It's in 7th St between 2nd Ave and The Bowery. Go on a weeknight if you can. If it has to be on a weekend, go during the day. they only serve McSorley's light and dark beer and they kick you out if you stop drinking...."be good or be gone" is their motto!


                1. All the prev posters gave great recs. If your mom loves chocolate, take her to Maison du Chocolat on Madison Ave & around 78/79th (this is a nice walk from Payard thru NYC's most elegant residential & high end shopping nabe)...to Richart at 55th between Fifth Ave & Madison...to Pierre Marcolini at Park Ave & 58th...

                  Also Ito En on Madison Ave & 68th Street for serene Asian ambiance. lunch & a great selection of teas also sold at retail so she can have some wonderful teas to take home with her, too...