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Just to remind y'all- Uptown Sushi (Cgy) is till kicking ass

Uptown Sushi got a mention in this month's "cheap eats" article in City Palate (and about bloody time, I think this is the first time I've seen a print mention of this fantastic place). I was away for almost 3 weeks over Xmas and today was my first day back there since maybe November, and goodness is Michael still on his game. I'd complained (well, maybe "complained" is too strong) that his rice was on the gummy side on a couple of visits- not so any longer, perfect today (got my usual- two spice tuna rolls, one yam tempura roll, and one piece of unagi nigiri- I would have liked two but unagi is getting expensive everywhere now (anybody know why?) so I just had one. All was magnificent, and with a bottle of water, came to about $14.

I know I've raved about this place too many times, but today I was (at a little before noon) the only customer, although takeout orders were clearly being prepped, this place deserves more biz. I keep thinking that with people now living in the Stella condo tower and the Vantage Pointe tower starting to allow move-ins (almost 300 units there), with Uptown steps away, its fortunes should be sealed, but they still can't survive on my good wishes. So check 'em out!

And of course the thread title should read "STILL" not "TILL."

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  1. I went there a while ago (one year) and wasn't that impressed.

    For $14, that's precious little sushi, and served on polystyrene, what's more. There are better deals around, and better taste to boot.

    Out of the downtown core, it's Shikiji on Centre and 16 Ave N, and Misato in West Market Mall.

    I usually wait till a trip to Vancouver to gorge on Sushi.

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      Calgary has plenty of sushi places that can hold their own with some (not all, not by any means, but some) sushi in Vancouver, and Calgary sushi is just much much better than what I've had in Toronto or Ottawa.

      The $14 included $3 for one piece of unagi, sadly the going rate now, and a bottle of water for something like $1.50- and my $2 tip.

      If your last visit was a year ago, GO AGAIN.

    2. here here. or towa...but i hear they have slipped lately.

      1. OK - slipping in complaint mode again... :)

        Towa just makes their servings too big, almost to the point of silliness. I don't go there now, because the novelty has worn off, and I just can't sample from the menu without feeling bloated!

        Non-grumblin' comment: Incredible how some sushi restaurants in Calgary are at the same quality level as those in Vancouver! Here's a toast to continuing $50/barrel!

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          Globefish is the best (and friendliest) sushi and the like in town. You get what you pay for.

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            Globefish is good, but I find it a little too fusion-ny. I just don't have a hankering for their rolls, as it seems the three times I've been there for lunch, they put garlic chips, sesame oil, or something else that over-powers the delicate fish... Of course, you may prefer that.

            Went to Misato for lunch today - was very satisfied with their selection. Saba could have been better (Shikiji is the one to beat), but their Calgary Roll was great with aka maguro and real crab.

        2. You've got me there.......I do love the garlic chips on top of the crazy buster roll. Personal fave. They do a great spicy tuna roll as well, and many more "traditional items", and I always am impressed with their freshness. I too love shikiji, and it's former incarnation as cafe de tokyo was a favourite place too.

          1. Globefish is exactly like some of the pure laine sushi I had at Japanese places in Hawaii over Xmas.

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              Remind me again where in calgary is:

              Globfish & Misato

            2. Globefish is on 14 St NW one block north of kensington road.
              Was just there again tonight for takeout, my weekly routine these days.

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              1. re: formerlyfingers

                Thanks - can't wait to try it next time I am in Calgary.
                Do they have a website / on line menu?

              2. Just read a review on Globefish: It sounds more like a sushi bar then a Izakaya. A true Izakaya does NOT serve sushi. Raw fish yes (sashimi) but rolls no. This place still sounds great but to compare it to an Izakaya - not sure on that one.


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                  True, not an Izakaya. Probably trend following and name dropping. However, although a bit quirky, they seem to have a good thing going. Friendly, all Japanese staff, open kitchen, crammed tables, long seating bar, fresh product. I would be surprised if they have a website. They didn't even know they were receiving good press until I told them about CBC and Calgary Herald reviews. Nice people running it. I recommend confidently.

                  1. re: formerlyfingers

                    They are indeed nice people - they are the former owners and chefs from Sushi Chopsticks up in the NE (Memorial and 36th NE i believe), but when i went, i had a pretty poor experience. The rolls are still creative (though there isnt anything super original there, seen them all in Vancouver before), but i had a nasty order of salmon sashimi, and some lousy tuna as well.

                    I've also never understood why all Japanese staff matter. People seem to highlight that a lot, but these days, i dont find it to be a guarantee of quality.

                    Anyway, not discouraging anyone from trying it, as everyone has different tastes and experiences - just trying to manage your expectations. It definitely isnt Izakaya.

                  2. re: JWh

                    Yeah, Calgary definitely lacks an izakaya-type place. When I lived in Japan, we went to lots of places that called themselves izakaya that ran the whole gamut of offerings (but never sushi) Basashi (horse sashimi which was gamey) yes, but not fish...

                    Many enjoyable nights that I don't seem to remember...!

                    No need to get hung up of definitions - we just want one of them here in Calgary, that's as good as Guu (and not as pretentious as Hapa)...

                  3. Where did some of the replies to this thread go? There were at least 19 post yesterday...