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Which KitchenAid Stand Mixer?

I had pretty much decided on the Artisan ($239 on Amazon for cobalt blue), when I noticed a larger, more powerful (but lift bowl) on Amazon for $249. It's not the "Professional"--it's the "Deluxe" edition. Motor is 450 Watt (as opposed to 325 for the Artisan) and the bowl is 6 quarts, rather than 5. Anyone have experience with the deluxe edition? Seems like it's worth it for $10 more, but would love to get some opinions. TIA.

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  1. Definitely get the one with the biggest bowl and biggest motor. I have a professional with a 6-cup bowl and I love it

    1. Better still are the ones they made before everything went plastic and aluminum. My mom's Kitchen Aid mixer purchased 1964 is still going strong.

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        I second this. I'd love to have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but I would love even more to have the one my mother has from this era that she inherited from her grandmother. It still works great.

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          this is also true. MIL's is ancient and,I feel, sturdier than mine which is bigger and only two years old.

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            I picked up a K5SS, the cousin to the classic K5A back when they were being made by Hobart, and I absolutely adore it. It's at least 25 years old and all it has to show for wear is some chipping of the white coating on the beater. Scour ebay for a Kitchenaid mixer made by Hobart. I think they tend to go for around 100 dollars US.

          2. The Professional 6 quart has stainless steel gears (see zerograv above).

            1. It's hard not to go for the bigger and more powerful one for just 10 bucks more. Normally you'd get all kinds of questions about what types of things you'd use it for and how often and all that. That would be an effort to justify some big cost difference.

              I can tell you that I've had the artisan for a few years (bought it off an Amazon special right when they first came out). Been extremely happy with it. I've seen some people express strong opinions as to the lift up bowl vs the flip up top. That might be one thing to consider.

              1. I bought the arm-hinges-up kind instead of the larger bowl-drops-down one. The disadvantage is that the bowl isn't quite big enough to do enough dough for two full-size loaves all at once, because the dough climbs up on the hook and creeps towards the shaft. If you intend to make bread fairly regularly, I would encourage you to go for the bigger size.

                1. I know this doesn't answer your question, but I have the ultra power model. How is this different from the artisan?

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                    Don't know the ultra power model. I've found out since my post that the larger model was manufactured only for QVC and is now discontinued--I guess Amazon picked up the overstock. Key advantages of the larger one are the size and power, obviously, and the fact that it has metal gears. Key advantages of the artisan are that it has the tilt head, and I think the fact that it's a mainstream machine rather than a special run for QVC only. So, I'm going back and forth between them.

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                      KA has used a variety of model names--Artisan, Classic, Ultra Power, Professional, Heavy Duty and others--over the years. I think the key variables are (1) power, measured in watts, and (2) tilt-up motor or bowl-lift. I've got a 300-watt tilt-up that does everything I need it to do, but if I could have got 450 watts and a bowl lift for an extra ten bucks, I would have. I don't know what the gears are made of but I've used the machine several times a week--sometimes kneading dough for 15 or 20 minutes at a stretch--over about six years, and no problems.

                  2. I have a question!!!!!
                    I have the big 600 watt Kitchen Aid Stand mixer, and it stops working while i'm mixing bread dough ALL THE TIME!!!!. it is extremely frustrating. Does this happen to everyone else? Or do i have a lemon? Or does Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer just not work well?

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                      I have no experience with the 600-watt model, but my 300-watt kneads pasta dough for 15 minutes (on lowest speed) with no strain--the motor housing gets warm, but that's it. So my first thought would be that you have a lemon and should get in touch with the company.

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                        You have a lemon. I burnt out my 600 watt KA making bread once, the KA people were very cooperative, sent me a new one, payed for shipping the lemon back to them.

                        Your mixer shouldn't be cutting out all the time, unless you're really over working it, and that's what the reset button is for.

                      2. I would go for a bigger motor, bigger bowl. I have a lift and like it MUCH better than the tilts I've tried that other people have. I'm sure part of it is what you get used to, but the lift seems ... sturdier or something.

                        You can read my testimonial about my mom's 30+ KA mixer
                        first part http://www.chowhound.com/topics/34924...
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                        The rest of that thread has some good discussion about stand mixers in general but quite a few posts on KA that might be helpful for you.

                        1. I would recommend checking out the kitchenaid forums.


                          It looks as though somebody just posted that exact question - and it is moderated by KA employees so they should be able to properly answer it.

                          Denise - call kitchen aid or check out the forums you definitely have a lemon, I haven't had any troubles with mine (Pro5 and an ultra power befpre that.)