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"Non-goaty" cheeses?

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I really like cheese. However, "goaty" cheeses are just not my cup of tea. I don't mind more mild-flavored goat cheeses, and I do like cow milk cheeses. I also like all different textures, from the soft to the hard.

The "What's your favorite cheese?" thread has inspired me to ask: What's your favorite cheese that isn't super-goaty (or "barnyardy")? I would like to try some new cheeses, but find myself shying away because I'm afraid they'll be too strong for my taste.

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  1. Go to a store/shop with a good cheese department, that has personnel. They will guide you and give you samples!

    1. And check out _Murray's Cheese handbook_ Excellent guide. I am checking off cheeses I have sampled/tried as I do my bird Handbook for birds seen!

      1. Can you give me some ideas of what cheeses I should look for?

        1. Try a Dutch goat gouda. I don't like goat cheese in general, except for this one. It's especially yummy when melted.

          1. Is there a particular reason why you want to stick to goat milk cheeses? Cows Milk and sheep are also good.

            hard to recommend a place to start, without knowing a bit more of what you like.

            I would say to try to keep it milder as you explore, look for cheeses that are more mellowed, rather than aged. Look for washed rine cheese, not so much for ones with "bloomy" surfaces.

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              I don't want to stick to goat milk cheeses. Sorry if I implied that. What I'm looking for is a cheese (cow, sheep, goat) that doesn't have that "goaty" or "barnyardy" smell and flavor.

            2. whole foods will usually have samples of cheese out. any decent deli or gourmet shop will give you a little taste of something before you buy. tell them a few that you've liked, not goat, and they will help you. softer younger cheeses tend to be less pungent.

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                I think we have a Whole Foods around here. I'll try to see if I can get some samples.

              2. DO you ahve a farmers market or somewhere to get really fresh goat cheese? I am lucky enough to have an artisinal goat cheese farm about an hour away. We try to stock up when we are in that direction. He has goat cheeses that aren't strong at all. He had the traditional style - but he also has one you can slice like a fresh mozzarella for caprese, a spreadable one that is great for appetizers, and one that is coated in ash that is amazing. I asked the owner why they don't taste as strong and he said partially because of time between when they are made and when you actually eat them. Maybe check you local farm market and see what you can find. And ask for a taste!!