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Jan 12, 2007 02:32 AM

Winterlicious ideas?

Hey, new to the board, I just booked Winterlicious at Jump for dinner, any reviews of the place?

Also any good restaurants out there to try for lunch or dinner for Winterlicious?


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  1. I had a good experience at Mildred Pierce and Beerbistro last year. The food was tasty, portions were good and the service friendly. Nectar had good food, inventive preparations but the service was terrible. When I asked my waiter if he could recommend a drink, his reply was 'I don't have time to do that'.

    I would stay away from Oliver Bonaccini's at Bayview Village. The quality of their dishes were disappointing -- room temperature cornstarch 'cream' soup. But their desserts were decent and service attentive. Also, I would pass on the Rosewater Supper Club. The service was terrible, we were shuttled in and out like cows. The courses came out one right after the other. The food was bland and portions were 'kiddie' size.

    Good luck!

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      You're not kidding- my sea bass last year was no larger than 6 sugar cubes!

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        My two cents, I wouldn't recommend any restaurant to try out during Summerlicious or Winterlicious. My friends and I have all but given up. I find the portions are small, the service generally sucks and the food is medicore. For some reason as soon as the service staff realizes you are their for Summer or Winterlicious you get sub-standard service. I also heard, the servers had this time of year. The food is usually medicore and quite frankly after you order drinks and other sides, the price is comparable to ordering off the regular menu. If you want to truly experience a restaurant, order off the regular menu and go when it's not so busy.

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          Thanks hanc, well I've heard that from several people as well, that you have to be careful, sometimes you get a better deal ordering a la carte off the menu than the "deal" LOL...depends on the restaurant I guess, well I'm only trying Jump, so we'll see how it goes...thanks for the message!

      2. Thanks wasabi girl! Jump is also by Oliver Bonacini, so I hope I didn't make a mistake booking there, I heard the Bayview Village restaurant wasn't good at all. Beer Bistro sounds really interesting, is everything on the menu really all made with beer??

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          More or less. Make sure to order the cheese fondue (also made with beer) and ask for a sliced granny smith apple and some of their awesome smoked bacon. Trust me on this one.

        2. I went to Summerlicious at Jump. It was solid, not "spectacular", but very good. (ie it wasn't as good as Auberge, but it was still a good meal anyway!). The service was good, food quality and size was good too.

          Jump is kinda 'busy' though, so don't expect anything romantic etc - its a business crowd dressed and socialising.

          You should have a good time though :)

          1. thanks for the comments Tboy, I really wanted Canoe, but I couldn't get through, and I tried all morning, probably should have tried harder!