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Jan 12, 2007 02:06 AM

Orsay for Restaurant Week...suggestions?

Well we couldn't get into where I wanted to go but my friends insisted on finding some place to take advantage of the "deal" (which in my opinion is entirely dependent on the restaurant) so this is where we could get a table that would work for all of us. any suggestions or comments? Anything, really, would be appreciated. I don't know much about this place. Thanks!!

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  1. It is hard to make suggestions on the food w/out knowing what their pre-fixe is for that week. I can tell you that the food at Orsay now is the best it has been since it opened. Don't worry about straying from the classic French, the kitchen is pretty solid. It is a very nice room, though I prefer the tables in the bar area (more intimate) and would warn against the enclosed patio area at this time of year (it is great in the summer). Service has always been hit or miss at Orsay.

    1. I went to Orsay for RW last summer and really did not enjoy either the food or the service. Can't remember what I had but remember thinking well no need to come back here and I am in this neighborhood all the time which is a shame.