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Jan 12, 2007 01:59 AM

Margarita/slushie machines: Any recs?

I'm in the market for a frozen margarita machine--not a blender (yeah, I HAVE one of those), but a slushie machine like the Slurpee kind at 7 11. I actually saw one in an in-flight catalog recently for the palty sum of $69, but my DH is convinced it cannot be of good quality. Any suggestions?

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  1. Restaurant supply stores? A good one is $$$$.

    1. Well, this one is $29, but judging from the reviews you get even less than what you pay for. . .

      If the $69 model can hold several servings at once, I say that's probably better value for your money.

      1. If you still are in need of a commercial quality margarita machine i have two available. One made by FAB or FABBY and the other by WEGA. Maybe one other by LOWE USA>