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Jan 12, 2007 01:44 AM

Chicken croquettes?

I've looked for years for a recipe that tastes as close to the Howard Johnson's chicken croquettes from long ago and fear I may never experience them again. Help?

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  1. I f you have an older copy of The Joy of Cooking they cover croquettes pretty well. It would give you a jumping off place for the old HOJO's type. I waitressed and worked the counter in one for a long time, HS and some of college. If I remember theirs were more conical in shape? I remember that they were cooked in the deep fat fryer. Then there was that really salty chicken gravy that went with them.

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      Thanks, I have my mother's copy that came "unbound" several years ago and have lost several chapters. Just might have to check around for one.

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        It's a pretty good recipe - I have't made it in ages but it worked out well. I didn't fry them, I baked them and it was still quite good.

      2. Oh my, you brought back such a fond memory. I hope there is another croquette-junky out there who will have a recipe close to Ho-Jo's. A couple of years ago, I tried a number of different recipes from places like grange cookbooks and Pa. Dutch cookbooks, but nuthin came close to my childhood favorite! Maybe it was the gravy. :)

        1. I'm almost afraid to actually find the recipe for fear it will completely ruin my memories. We didn't stop at Ho Jo's all that much as a kid, only when traveling but I had to have the croquettes and the coconut ice cream for dessert.

          1. In her book "Tender at the Bone" Ruth Reichl describes a childhood incident involving chicken croquettes that started me on a search for a good recipe too. In the book, they are made with Bechamel (all cream), seasoned with minced onion, salt, cayenne pepper, and mace. Dipped in cracker crumbs, fried in butter. Supposedly as good as the ones at Delmonico's.. (It's not a recipe, just a description.)
            I've got 8 or 9 croquette recipes now, 2 that I would call "keepers". Please ask if interested.
            SOMEBODY must have Hojo's recipes--anybody know?

            1. I'd actually be interested in the "keeper" recipes. I have two bags of frozen leftover turkey meat that I might want to transform.