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Jan 12, 2007 01:26 AM

Tail-on shrimp.

Just a mild rant here. What is the point of leaving the tail on when you order a dish at a restaurant? You are then forced to put your fingers in your food to bite the shrimp off of the tail or to cut each one off yourself.
Not sure what reason there is for this. Anybody know or in the chef biz to explain? Do people prefer their shrimp this way? Seems odd....

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  1. 1. Because the shrimp may come that way in a frozen box.

    2. Because it is sort of a thematic garniture to let you know the little fella used to paddle that tail in the deep blue sea.

    3. Because some diners will eat it (and the shell too, there is a hell of a lot of shrimp flavor in shrimp shells).

    1. Hmm, good answers, Chino. Thanks! But, I still don't like it! I mean, my grandmother used to boil shrimp shells to make a sauce, but she would still remove the shells from the sauce before serving. And, as for them coming that way in a frozen box, well, please finish peeling the shrimp for me, please. Thanks. hehe

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        I can see why for shrimp cocktail, where the tail acts as a toothpick

        but in a saute- i'm with you. what's up with that?

      2. because shrimp tails are delicious!

        1. Sometimes the last sweet bit of shrimp in the tail gets lost when you peel in mass production. It is like a bonus bite for the diner. Plus- since alot of people have your complaint..I snag all the tails and get a bonus round- so no complaints from me

          1. Labour - cost of removal could be one element.
            Presentation - I find shrimp in-shell or with tail on are more esthetically pleasing on a plate than the naked shrimp meat (tail). It also makes the edible part of the shrimp look larger on the plate.