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Jan 12, 2007 01:17 AM

Good ethnic groceries near Tiffin

I am eating at Tiffin Friday night and would like to check out some of the good ethnic grocery (or other) stores in the area. Are there any recommendations, or will I hit them if I just walk around the area? Also, any idea how late they are open?

Finally, any good recommendations for Tiffin? I read about a crab dish there a while back, which sounded interesting.

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  1. I guess you mean Tiffin on Devon? I checked the phone book and that's the only one listed. Yes, you will find Indian grocery stores all over the place, up and down Devon. They all seem to be run by a guy named "Patel". Look for spices, nuts, flours & grains, canned mango puree, pickles & chutneys. Also, there's a very good produce store with a green awning on the northeast corner of, I think it's Tallman---remarkable selection of produce, around thirty kinds of bread, a very multiethnic store. If you keep walking west until the neighborhood becomes Russian (other side of big bank) you will find delis and bakeries including the Georgian bakery with the big stone oven. It's impossible not to buy some groceries on Devon.

    1. I'm a big fan of Fresh Farms at 2626 W. Devon Ave. They have a large assortment of fresh fruits and veggies, including more exotic varieties you won't find in your typical American supermarket. They also offer a wide assortment of canned goods from India and the Middle East, and south Asian and Middle East-type spices, which are also much cheaper, including a wide assortment of Shan brand tikki, curry and tandoori mixes, which are great for weeknight Indian and Pakistani meals - they really pack a punch and have clearly been designed for native palettes, and have not been watered down for American taste buds.

      1. It's a gigantor green awning...can't miss it. I use it as a landmark. And Patel Bros. is great as well.