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Main Street Trattoria, Metuchen, NJ

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Meeting some great friends halfway in Metuchen and plan to go to Main Street Trattoria. Anyone been? Any comments? Also, we'll probably arrive early...any place to have a drink beforehand in the area? In fact, what's IN the area? Not very familiar with Metuchen. We'll meet at 7 pm and might have an hour to kill.
Thanks 'hounds!

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  1. I'm pretty sure there is a bar in the Metuchen Inn. It's on Route 27, which bisects Metuchen. A short walk from Main Street, which I don't know at all.

    1. check out the cornerstone, off main st, in metuchen. www.cornerstonenj.us

      1. Honestly, Trattoria was not my best Italian restaurant. I was not impressed at all, although what I had was decent...

        1. It's family-friendly, but the food is mixed. Probably not what veteran Chowhounds are after. Torino's on New Street might be a better bet. BTW the Cornerstone is closed, it is now something called Novita's Bistro & Lounge, but I haven't been - apparently Italian.

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            again? thats too bad, used to be a fun place. thanks for that headsup. metuchen's going thru changes w/ restaurants. i dont find any "great"

          2. I did not enjoy food at this palce, not sure how you would meet. I agree, metuchen nin would be much nicer to meet, do not recall torinos as having a bar to sit at.