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Jan 11, 2007 11:20 PM

Soon Foon Tai gone bye bye -- any other recommendations for Gerrard & Brdview

Went to meet a GF at Soon Foon Tai for our 2nd lunch there only to find they are closed and the building up for sale/lease. We hopped over to Grand restaurant, but the dim sum was barely passable. I knew we were in trouble when I saw someone nuking the dumplings in the microwave at the front of the restaurant. We noted a few Vietnamese places close by. I love Vietnamese food, more than just pho, and we'd love to find another dim sum option in this neighborhood.

We will also go further to Little India and I wondered what the better options are since my little favourite in that neighborhood also closed.

Any ideas? Of course, maybe I'm jinxed and you don't want me to find your favourits, but please give me one more chance. :)

thanks in advance

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  1. Pho 88 is an excellent Vietnamese place on that strip. Try the #79, Grilled Chicken and Spring Rolls with Vermicelli.

    1. Xe Le is my new favourite, on the south side of Gerrard between the Grand and Pearl Court. It always seems busy and after each visit I have no oral memory of any MSG.

      BTW, what were you thinking, going to the Grand? My family goes there for dinner sometimes and it's always dreck.

      I've tried KaKaLucky based on some of the comments here and it's not bad at all. Give it a go.

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        Lol, we weren't thinking at all when we picked the Grand. We were just sort of fumbling around and hungry for dim sum so we picked the first place we saw. Now that we have some insider info, we'll go back armed with a few options. The Grand was surprisingly busy though, it almost made me second guess my opinion, until I actually tried the microwaved dumplings --ugh.

        Thanks for the suggestions.

      2. KaKa Lucky on Broadview has good BBQ and decent seafood and hotpot dishes at amazingly low prices. No Dim Sum, though.

        Beijing House is a once wonderful place (for, possibly, 25 years) that is now dying for lack of customers. The menu and the cook have never changed, but they've stopped making many things to save money. That said, it's worth eating there. Northern food that can be delicious at unreal prices. Ignore the seafood. As with KaKa Lucky, two can eat well for less than ten bucks. The all day Dim Sum is no longer made in house, but some of it is very tasty. (Don't bother with the dumplings, though).

        Pho Bo Tay, a new Vietnamese place on the north side of Gerrard toward the eastern end of the strip, is very good and has a nicer ambiance than the others. The shack on Bolton (Que Ling ??) has a great rep, but isn't really open for dinner. Xe Lua is also good. MiMi is the most popular Vietnamese place, but standards have been falling lately.

        Hanoi 3 Seasons has a different take on Vietnamese and is also worth trying, though I don't feel it lives up to its hype. The owner's suggestions are not necessarily the best things on the menu, so go with what sounds good to you.

        Spring Rolls is, well, Spring Rolls. Pan Asian menu for non-Asians. Nicest ambience in the area. Not great; not bad.

        Pearl Court is better than the Grand and has always had some nice dishes. I've enjoyed some things with candied nuts and the chicken wrapped in paper. They are really living on past glories, though, and the glowing reviews in the window are positively ancient.

        And then there's Batifole ("the best French food in Chinatown"). French bistro that has excellent food and is very reasonable for what you get.

        The "Szechwan" place on the southwest corner of Broadview and Gerrard is not Szechwan and is terrible.

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        1. re: embee

          I second Pho Bo Tay whole-heartedly!

        2. KaKa lucky Lunch specials ROCK! Eat for $5.

          I don't think Spring Rolls will last. It's been open for about 1 month and I have yet to see a sinlg person (aside from staff) in there.