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Jan 11, 2007 11:17 PM

Happy Hour Suggestions Seattle

I went to Ponti last night for happy hour and had a pretty nice burger and fries for $5, and a sorta weak Gin and Tonic for $3.50. The burger was on a nice bun, and had the usual trimmings, but was medium-well. Next time I'll ask for rare. The fries were a little soggy but tasty.

I want to make a habbit of trying out a new happy hour every week, and want to hear from you all about your favorites.


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  1. cascadia. $1 miniburgers (get 'em with black truffle butter) + a glass of bubbly = the happiest hour. gets crowded though.

    1. When I lived in Seattle I attended many a happy hour... it's my favorite meal after all! Here are some of my favorites:

      -The Met serves cheap steak sandwiches w/ drink specials
      - Palomino has $5 pizzas and other discounted apps
      - Ohana's (on 1st and Bell) does discounted beer, sake and blue hawaiians along with discounted sushi and other apps
      - The Brooklyn has drink and app specials and if you get there early enough you can relax on the patio outside
      - Cascadia has $1 mini hamburgers

      I'll post others if they come to me... have fun!

      1. My favorite place for a drink is Zig Zag (on the Pike hillclimb going from the Market down to the water). The owners are genius mixologists. If you go more than once, they will probably remember your name and your favorite drink. I suggest telling them the type of drink you like and let them work their magic (it helps to sit at the bar). Because drinks are on our minds when we go there, I haven't had much of their food, but what I have had was good. Enjoy.

        1. Not sure if they have an official "happy hour" but the Jolly Roger Taproom at the Maritime Pacific Brewing Company in Ballard offers the most amazing miniburgers with even better sauces, and other favorites (including a fried pickle) to soak up all the good beer (sorry no liquor here).

          They also do a great job of pairing their beers with each of the menu items as well. See the "CHEF'S LIST MENU" section for the Lil' Jolly Royals:


          1. McCormicks has a great happy hour if your goal is cheap and filling food. Buy a drink (doesn't have to be alcoholic) and food is $2.95. They always have a 1/3 lb cheeseburger and fries, other items change but usually includes a hummus type plate, quesadilla, chicken wings, etc. The early one is 4-6.

            I recently went to Zao downtown and they had a really nice happy hour with good food and decent house wine.

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              i just looked up mccormick's website and it says there is a $1.95 bar menu that includes the 1/3 lb burger...doesn't mention anything about happy hour, so does this mean it's this ridiculous price anytime? if so ---- AWESOME


              1. re: soypower

                It's during happy hour only. I forget the exact hours, but it's early evening and another in the late evening. And, it's only available in the bars, which are seemingly always packed. So plan to get there early.