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Jan 11, 2007 11:11 PM

Married a Meat and Potatoes Man....Help!

First off, I must comment how happy I am to find people who love food and cooking as much as I do! There are some great threads/topics here!

With that said, HELP! Hopefully both male and females will respond, for I am looking for much advice and am open to all suggestions. I'm constantly trying to find creative ways of making meals for DH which suit his palate! He adores meat, pasta and breads...cheese, but not much more. (I have TONS of cookbooks too, but thought you Chowhounds might have some great ideas and save me a lifetime of searching and 'trial and error'!?)

I try to S N E A K veggies in dishes as much as possible, but I've got to be clever. If I dare to MENTION an international dish I'm making-then I'm usually S.O.L.(out of luck)-he won't even try it or touch it! Also, he HATES gravies, MOST sauces, any type of casserole-type creation, and slow cooked meals. I was always told how creative and delicious my foods were...but I gotta admit, he's a challenge when it comes to foods...
(ESPECIALLY healthy foods!)

I mean, I love pizza, steak and burgers too, but I need more outta life's foods!!! (At least he ADORES wine ;-) LOL! Thanks sooooo much! The Merm :-)

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  1. OMG! your husband and my husband must be twins separated at birth! My husband will not eat veggies or fruit. The only fruit he will eat is orange juice. I throw a huge ticker tape parade once a year when he grudgingly deems it "okay" to have a salad. He can't stand the smell of vegetables except potatoes, and can still smell it at midnight if I've cooked something at 6am. And he ADORES beer and wine, bread and butter, all the desserts I make, plus what I call the fake stuff (Hostess cupcakes and such) steaks, burgers, pizza.
    He won't touch casseroles, or much of my cooking. Prior to meeting him, I've hosted multi course dinner parties for friends and have received raves for my cooking, so I know that I can cook, but alas I digress.
    I can't really help you, and I apologize, but I do sympathize, because I'm in the same exact situation that you are in- that I've resolved to accept. I just eat twice as many veggies whenever I can.

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      OH YES! I forgot to mention that he's got the biggest sweet tooth! (I'm surprised my DH isn't a moose!) LOL! Thanks for your sympathy my kindred Chowhound sister! :-)

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        you know if you make desserts, you can throw a surprising amount of oat and whole wheat pastry flours into things like coffeecakes (not to mention some fruit like blueberries) and he won't even know the diff. heck i even got rid of the butter/fat and threw in some applesauce and got smiles. hahaha. so tricksy.

        as long as it looks and tastes familiar, i bet you can get away with a lot, esp in the dessert arena.

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        Make that triplets. My husband could live on meat (beef and pork; no lamb, no game), white meat chicken and turkey, Mexican food, pizza and traditional American breakfast food. He likes cheese -- except goat cheeses, blue cheeses, Romano (he'll eat Parmsean, however), the rind of brie. Veggies? No squash. No sweet potatoes. No beets. No cauliflower -- and certainly no Brussels sprouts. No beets. No field greens or similar (he calls them "lawn clippings"). He'll eat pasta (preferrably w/ marinara sauce) and rice, but far prefers potatoes or beans (except lima beans or chile beans or red beans).

        I do a lot with chicken breasts, run-of-the-mill veggies and salads with acceptable greens, good tomatoes and home-made vinaigrette. And.....we eat out a fair amount.

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        1. I heard a story a few months back on NPR (in an interview with a professor of nutrition at Columbia) that sometimes you have to try something 10-15 times to develop a taste for it:

          Sooo... maybe if you keep making sides of yummy vegetables for yourself, he will taste and become a convert? Wishful thinking?

          Best of luck!

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            Problem is you can't get them to even try it let alone to repeat the even. Lol

          2. I'm right there with you. My husband is an extreme vegephobic, and it's not something he's happy with. In our 17 years together, I've only managed to introduce a few healthy foods to his repetoire: shrimp (with a butter/kungpao seasoning packet sauce), tangelos (the only fruit he will eat), a puree of yellow split peas and ham that he scoops up with toritlla chips, and salsa (has to be Trader Joe's Authentica). Other than that, I cook chicken breasts a few different ways, hamburger rice with some tomato puree mixed in, and potatoes au gratin. Other than that, it's red meat and junk.
            He has talked a lot about changing his diet, but other than being abducted and brainwashed by a brown rice cult, I doubt it will happen.

            1. In Madhur Jaffrey's "Quick and Easy Indian Cooking" there's a recipe for "Hamburger Kebabs" which I've had some luck in serving to meat & potatoes guests. It's only ground beef/lamb spiced with cumin, coriander and cilantro which is them cooked in a pan. I usually serve it on a pita with some lettuce, tomato and chutney on the side, but it's easy enough to stuff into a hamburger bun, and might be camouflaged as a variation on the good old American hamburger. If you toss a few spaces with the french fries, you might both be able to be happy.

              Good luck!