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Jan 11, 2007 11:02 PM

T&T coming to downtown!!!! (Toronto)

I was thrilled to hear on the news this morning that T&T supermarket is coming to downtown! It will occupy the space where Knob Hill Farms used to be on Cherry St.

Question before I get too excited.... do all T&T stores have those AMAZING sushi and dim sum counters? I currently go to the one at Warden and Steeles and spend way too much money there (hee!).

ETA: I guess I'm REALLY excited, since I neglected to scroll down far enough to see the other thread on this that was created today.

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  1. Anyone know if this location on Cherry St. is open yet? There isn't anything on the website about it. Thanks.

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    1. re: Yongeman

      Drove past the other day and there was no sign of any action. I'm waiting impatiently too.

      1. re: Mila

        Thanks, Mila. I drove up to the one at Warden and Steeles. My little grandson was fascinated with the huge crabs, lobster and fish. I wonder when the downtown store will open?

        1. re: Yongeman

          I pass by on the bus to downtown about once a week and have not seen much progress. Lotus Seedling mentioned on another thread that it will be 2008.

      2. re: Yongeman

        T&T downtown is slated for a 2008 opening, I believe. It won't be ready anytime soon...

        1. I know that the T&T at Promenade mall does not have a dim sum counter. It's the seafood counter that amazes me!!

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          1. re: Chocolatemama

            The sushi at T&T is, at most, mediocre, if not unacceptable. The ratio of rice vs fish should never be like that. Their dim sum isn't impressive either. But yes, their seafood counter is impressive but usually a bit more pricey than other smaller Asian supermarkets.

            1. re: pickymama

              We got a selection of takeout things: some dim sum, some chow mein, some bao. Mediocre describes most of the flavours, but it's convenient to get everything at one stop. Kind of like picking up dinner from Sobey's prepared food counter.

              1. re: Yongeman

                I agree, in my opinion.....we used to be regulars at the Warden location but the last several times, our take-out was swimming in grease, literally. Last night, we bought two lunch boxes of mixed food and it was very greasy. We discussed not getting the counter items anymore, it's just way too much oil, no matter what dish we order. Everything seems to taste the same as well.

                1. re: red dragon

                  Double agree. We liked the dim sum once and went back a few times after to find it soggy, greasy, and tired. It's certainly convenient but I really wouldn't choose it.

                  It's a great supermarket though for getting those Asian market items one typically has to hunt all over Chinatown for.

                  1. re: artificialard

                    the prepared food is not good and the sushi is pretty bad. t& t either went downhill or is different in Ontario from the Vancouver ones I grew up with. I find their fresh fruit cakes also not as good. I think their bread is pretty consistent. On the plus side, t&t has steamed pork and vegetable buns (like the ones no one can find anywhere else) and if you're lucky steamed seafood buns, all of which are fat clumps and gristle free!

                    1. re: chocabot

                      like most supermarkets, the prepared food is so so. There are highlights though, like the deep fried bean curd, excellent flavours in that one. The dim sum is very greasy, pass on that. Soya sauce/tea eggs are great.

                      There are also the hardcore chinaman items like ah jaap (intestines) which are quite good. The bakery is consistent, although I do find Lucullus to be a better option.

                      Even if the seafood counter is a little bit more expensive than other chinese markets, the difference is marginal. Plus it's still much cheaper when compared to white fish mongers. The turnover ratio is extremely high at T&T so you are reassured of freshness.

                    2. re: artificialard

                      Tripple agree. Dim sum isn't great. Too greasy and not very fresh.

                2. re: pickymama

                  You're right about the sushi. In the combo trays, the rice appears to have been shaped in a mold rather than by hand. Which I guess is what one might expect under the circumstances. However, it's pretty handy to be able to pick everything up at the same time. And even if it's not good sushi, it's definitely better than the sushi you get in those little boxes at Loblaws.

                  1. re: pickymama

                    I agree that both the sushi and the dim sum are mediocre, and that the dishes at the take out food counter are mostly greasy. On the bright side, on a good day, the soy sauce chicken and the BBQ pork can be quite good. On a number times, it was better than the soy sauce chicken and BBQ combos for take out at Congee Queen, which are more expensive and supposedly better.

                    1. re: tjunmin

                      While the Japanese food is lacking, I don't mind the dim sum.
                      It is not the best in the city, but it is fast, clean and if not excellent, it is good..
                      I have also purchased from their B.B.Q., and was very satisfied.

                3. Drove by today. Opening August 23rd.

                  1. You can email subscribe to their weekly online flyer - I did. You can also email them to get confirmation on when they're opening. I see someone said Aug 23. I'd want to know exactly so that I can catch the opening specials. I emailed them. Should be interesting to see if they reply. Makes it kind of charming in a frustrating way, wondering whether they'll get back to me.

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                    1. re: Moimoi

                      I just checked out the website for their specials...cauliflower at $0.98??? In my area I can't get cauliflower for less than $2.99 unless I make the time to hit smaller food markets!!!! That's awesome! I can't wait to head there when it opens to check out their other deals.

                    2. A word of warning for people who are planning to shop at the new T&T in downtown T.O.

                      The new store is right beside where the Cirque du Soleil tent is located on Cherry Street. I attended the Kooza show yesterday, and the traffic was quite heavy going in, and it was a nightmare at the end of the show, when all patrons were trying to leave at the same time.

                      So when you go to the new T&T, keep an eye on the Cirque du Soleil Kooza show times.

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                      1. re: tjunmin

                        It is getting close!!! The new parking lot is in, and painted, a massive Canadian flag has been unfurled, and the last details on the sign is being done.

                        1. re: suzspot

                          I jogged by today and it says that it is open at 11:00 am on the 23rd. After that it will be open from 9 am to 10 pm

                          1. re: professor plum

                            Really great to hear that it will be opening on August 23rd. That's only 2 days away. HOORAY!!! :)