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Jan 11, 2007 09:33 PM

Sushi Rock - DFW / Plano

Anyone have any experience with Sushi Rock on Central Expressway in Plano?

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  1. It's not traditional Japanese, lots of Maki rolls with interesting sauces. It's a fun place, but there is the issue of all the sauces. My Japanese friends are always quite skeptical of this, because the sauce can be covering up poor quality or bad fish.

    Overall I would say it's worth a visit, but by no means the best Sushi in Dallas or Plano for that matter.

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      Completely agree - v. interesting rolls if you're into that, never had a problem with the quality of the fish. In fact, I've had some really tasty white tuna there. As far as the rolls and sauce issue, they do a good job with the sauces - enough to enhance the rolls without overpowering. Sit at the bar, the sushi chefs are a trip and worth befriending. all in all it was my casual after work go to place when I was working out there.

    2. Which Japanese restaurants do your Japanese friends go to?

      My partner says the same thing about Rockfish--most of their dishes have strong-flavored sauce to cover up not-so-fresh fish.

      1. Sushi Yama, Masami, Sushi Saki in Plano they are generally okay with Simon's Sushi.

        1. Does Masami serve authentic Japanese food? We live near Masami, but that place looks scary with the sign "Japanese and Thai Food".

          I know Sushi Sake is considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dallas, but I wasn't impressed. I've never see such tiny sushi in my life!

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            Masamai was orignally owned by Naoshi Ido who owned the first Sushi bar in Dallas and is a Japanese Sushi Master. He sold the place to a Thai fellow who did not know how to manage it, lost his help and sold out to a friend of Naoshi who is Japanese. The thai food is more of an afterthought now. It is authentic Japanese heavy on Sashimi and Sushi and one of the better sushi bars in town. They are very good, but not very fast.

            1. re: irodguy

              Masami is my local neighborhood place. Its pretty good. I get to go food from their often. The fish is pretty fresh and I have no complaints. They do take a while to prepare though.

              The actual food food there is pretty good, but I prefer sushiyama.

              1. re: simply_victoria

                I think there Sushi is better than Sushiyama, however I think the other food is better at Sushiyama. The only exception is the Chicken Teriyaki which is far better at Masami, but either restaurant is better than most. The Bento night at Sushiyama is hard to beat!

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                  Tried Masami for the first time this weekend. Agree completely with the comparisons to Sushi Yama. It was a quick dinner, so all I had was the salmon roll (the salmon looked and tasted very fresh) and unagi. Everything was reasonably priced. My brother had the tempura; it was solidly executed also.

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                    I think tempura at Sushiyama is much better. I thought Masami's tempura sauce was lousy (They also had some stuff that wasn't authentic and tasted pretty bad.) I like Genroku's tempura sauce best though Sushiyama's tempura is more authentic.

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                  Well I can say that Masami has changed since June 11th, in a much better way. One of the head Chef's from Richardson's Sushi Sake has taken over, painted and brought some traditional Japanese items with him. The place is small and quite, the service is not always on par but the sushi is always on par. When you go back in check out the "Tear Roll" it is a great time. Masami no longer has the Thai cuisine but it is some of the best Sushi in Dallas, in my opinion.

                  1. re: BBQKING

                    Yep spot on. They are not cheap, but Sushi is top quality well worth the money.

                    1. re: irodguy

                      I did Masami last night. What a difference. I've always thought of this as a neighborhood place where you could get a decent spicy tuna roll, but last night was fantastic. They have now moved way up my list. I will be visiting often. I recognized the sushi chef the minute I opened the front door. We ordered a lot of fish last night and it was all delicious, especially the Kampachi.

                      The only issue we had with the service was when we wanted to order more wine. He was mostly paying attention to our sushi plates.

                      The old sushi chef is still there. He came out of the kitchen to greet a family behind us. They ordered shrimp tempura that looked DELICIOUS. I have to go back and not eat only sushi, but that is really really hard for me to do!!

                      I love Sushi Sake, but this place is a bit closer and very tasty. I might have to switch allegiance.

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                      Thanks for the rec, their sushi was great. If anybody goes, check to see if they have Japanese red snapper (Madai); if so, get it. And that tear roll was fun but be prepared to have everybody laugh at you when you're eating it :D

              2. I haven't been to Sushi Rock since they moved but I really liked it when I went (well except for the Plano roll...). It might be my favorite squid salad I've ever had. It wasn't anything spectacular, just a nice quiet little place.