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Jan 11, 2007 09:29 PM

Freezing a slice or two of cooked bacon?

I see lots of posts that say, yes you can freeze uncooked bacon, which is good to know since I have a bunch of one-pound packs of uncooked bacon in my deep-freeze... But, a pound of bacon is a lot to consume at a time, especially in early January when it's still too early to abandon those New Year's Resolutions.

But, it's great to have an occasional piece of bacon handy to crumble over salad or to put in with green beans and such.

So, can I thaw my bacon, cook it, then freeze it in one or two-slice quantities? So I don't have to eat one pound, all at once?


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  1. I take a packet of bacon and separate and freeze the slices, uncooked, in two or three slice slabs, separated by layers of waxed paper and put the whole thing in a large ziploc bag. Then when I only want a slice or two, I just pull out one sheet from the bag. I haven't tried freezing cooked bacon because I don't think it would taste as good if it were precooked and the system I use is pretty convenient.

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      Oh dear: the problem is we already have a freezer full of 1 lb packs of frozen, uncooked bacon. We like to know exactly where our food is coming from and the conditions under which it was raised, so we buy the pig directly from the people who raise it; then give the butcher instructions on how to package it for us. I cannot imagine asking the butcher to package it in 2 or 3 slice slabs!

      So, I'm discouraged to hear you don't think it would be as good frozen after having been cooked. :(


    2. I think Emeril freezes bacon individually on sticks so he can enjoy the pork fat as a tasty, frozen snack.

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        And who doesn't enjoy a bacon-scicle now and then. This is encouraging!


      2. i'll try to remember to report back in a couple days . . . a few weeks ago that's exactly what i did for the first time with some cooked bacon - froze it in individually wrapped two slice packets - and i was planning on taking some out this weekend to see how it survived.

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          Excellent, thank you! I appreciate any pointers. :)


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            any luck cookie?
            i had someone send me a gift of some 2 lb slabs, and i'd like to cook, freeze, and then retrieve.
            I will try the microwave idea from below, but i'm interested in other options too.

          2. Yes, once a food is cooked it can be refrozen. You can freeze cooked slices of bacon...heck, way easier to chop and crumble when frozen.

            A great idea too, freeze even a single leftover cooked slice, better than eating it to save leftovers! A sec on the lips and YEARs on the hips! *smile*

            1. I cook it until it is mostly done, not quite brown but most of the fat is cooked out. I then cool it on paper toweling and freeze it . I do cook it slightly from frozen to brown before use. Works great.