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Jan 11, 2007 09:20 PM

5 days in DC!!

Looking for great restauants with wonderful ambiance and happenning vibe!!
Like any food..We are staying in Georgetown but can travel anywhere..
Thanks for any suggestions
Ps one night will be birthday dinner for my husband

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  1. Cafe Milano, right off Wisconsin Ave, might have the "happening vibe" you're looking for. It's pretty popular among the politcal/diplomatic crowd. Another great choice in Georgetown for a special occasion is Citronelle, located on M St. in the Latham Hotel.

    There are a lot of mediocre touristy restaurants in Georgetown, so be careful.

    If you happen to find yourself in the Dupont Circle area, I recommend Pecse for really great seafood and Obelisk, which has a pris fixe Italian menu, both on P Street east of Georgetown.

    In my opinion, the hot restaurant in town right now is Komi, which has a Greek/Mediterranean menu, on 17th St. between P and Q streets.

    Enjoy your stay in DC.

    1. Well try ethiopian cuisine. You'll find it a wonderful treat and Meskerum in Adams Morgan has a fun atmosphere. You can sit tableside or upstairs you can eat sitting on little floor stools around a large copper plate. A unique cuisine that does not get enough attention. Enjoy the flavors. This resturant has had some great reviews too. I hope you check it out.

      1. If it's "happening" you're looking for, try Zaytinya, Rasika's,
        Zola, Cafe Atlantico, DC Coast...