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Jan 11, 2007 09:15 PM

Best Wine Shop in nyc?

NYC hounds,

Tell me your favorite place to buy wine. When I'm shopping, I'm looking for decent selections, a range of prices, and I've always found it valuable to interact with a staff knowledgeable about the inventory, and friendly enough to share their passion.

Where would you tell me to go (be nice, please....), and thanks!

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  1. I like Sheery-Lehman. If you know what you want, order online and have it delivered. If you want advice, they give good recommendations, most of the time. While sometimes you need ot wait for someone to help you, it's good help when it comes.

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    1. re: Captain

      I've had to wait at least 10 minutes to be helped every time I've been there. And you can't just pick up a bottle and pay; you have to ask for help then let the assistant check you out. Like Captain suggested, check out their website first.

      1. re: shane

        Picking the time when you go, go when it's slow, helps. The required wait can be avoided, if you know what you want and go to the counter.

    2. So are a few...

      Garnet on Lex & 68th for incredible selection & great prices...

      Morrell in Rock Center...

      Acker, Merrill, Condit on 72nd bet Columbus & B'way

      Astor Place Wines & Liquor in the Village

      K & D on Madison North of 96th

      and, of course,

      Sherry Lehmann on Madison Avenue more or less opposite Barney's...

      All of these offer amazing selections & knowledgable help...happy shopping!

      1. I like Astor Wine for the size, price and variety. We've found the staff to be very knowlegeable & helpful too

        1. Yes, so many. Beyond Astor, Garnet, and Sherry-Lehmann, I'd add
          K+D on Madison/96th, Nancy's on Columbus/77th, Mr Wright on Third/90th and Vino on 27th/Park-Lex.

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            Oh, yes...I'd forgotten Nancy's. I've had so many really good recs from them. Also on the West Side 68th Street Wine & Liquor at Columbus & 68th is very good...

            1. re: fauchon

              Nancy's, definitely. They make wine very accessible.

          2. Astor Wines:

            - Great space
            - Good selection (the best Sake selection I've ever seen, talk to KC, he is sake guru)
            - friendly people
            - interesting tastings and events
            - good prices (especially during sales)

            Chamber Street Wines:

            - Fantastic Selection of lesser known European Wines
            - Excellent tastings
            - Great staff

            Both of these stores are where wine enthusiasts want to work. Chamber Street is more quirky. But both stores emphasize educating consumers as well as selling great wine. Remember -- price is not everything. You may save a buck in Warehouse Wines on Broadway, but you will not make many great discoveries there.