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Great NY restaurant for anniversary dinner?

My wife and I will be in NY next month and I need ideas for a restaurant where we can celebrate our anniversary. Looking for great food, ambiance and service without spending more than $100 per person.

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  1. One of my favorite restaurants in the city is Nolia - great drinks, delicious food - Asian fusion and decently priced. Its on 10th and Avenue C.

    Also Telepan on 69th bet Columbus Circle & CPW is very good. Their Foie Gras is wonderful and they have a great wine list.

    The Tasting Room on Elizabeth & Houston always changes their menu and is pretty intimate.

    Olives in Union Square is one of my favorites too.

    Happy Anniversary!

      1. I actually had a really nice meal at Knife & Fork. $45 prix fix 5-course menu. Cute small place and the food is pretty good. Decent but not great wine list. I would also highly recommend Blue Hill. One of my favorites but you could definitely spend more than $100 per person.

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          Blue Hill allows BYO - it's a great way to eat at the restaurant and stay under the budget - just bring your own good bottle of wine.

          1. Giorgio's of Gramercy is very reasonable and romantic. L'Impero is also great but more expensive.

            1. If you aren't going to be ordering a bottle of wine, union square cafe would be a really nice choice.

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                You can BYO to Union Square. But I recommend 11 Madison Park - also BYO. You can eat beautifully and stay within budget if you bring your own good bottle of wine.

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                  Would second 11MP keep in mind that they charge a very fair $25 corking fee

              2. I'd second Union Square Cafe. River Cafe on the Bklyn waterfront (literally!) is a tres romantic venue, though I haven't eaten there in years.

                1. Wallse in the West Village would be another option

                  1. I'll third Union Square Cafe. But another of my favorites is Picholine although with wine, it might be tough to keep it to $100/person. Not sure if they allow BYO.

                    1. My wife and I have gone to Terrace, up by Columbia University, several times on our anniversary and have never been disappointed.