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Jan 11, 2007 09:04 PM

Worst kitchen screwup.

If you haven't screwed up a recipe or cooking process then you may not have cooked much. Tell me yours I'll tell you mine.

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  1. It was last night. I preheated the oven. Had the chicken ready to go. Then forgot to put the ^$#@^*(% chicken IN the oven!!!! Oh, the shame....

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    1. re: fauchon

      I always have the opposite problem, I leave something out to cool and find it on the kitchen counter the next morning waiting for me!

    2. How about no marsala for the chicken marsala? I used vermouth. Not even close. Don't know if the client knew the difference, they never complained.

      One time, when I used to cook at the client's, (thank GAWD those days are over), I brought everything for the cornbread, but I forgot the cornmeal.

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      1. re: personalcheffie

        Oh, I like vermouth with that sort of thing. It's not Marsala, of course, but I still think it's good.

      2. Made bread a couple days ago, and I swore I had put the oven temp at 425 F and well lets just say that it wasn't ready for lunch...*sigh*

        1. Mine had a happy ending....

          My first time making muffins (for 200 - cooked for a retreat center a while back) they didn't set properly and we had 'Bread Pudding'

          This led to a new kitchen motto - "we don't make mistakes - we just change the name!"

          The best part was people coming into the kitchen to say they loved the bread pudding!

          Almost hard to keep a straight face..

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          1. re: jbyoga

            I was having a Moroccan-themed dinner party and the soup I made burned on the bottom. It was a lentil and lamb soup made in a HUGE pot so that burnt flavor ended up being throughout the entire soup. So, when we served it, we told each guest that they'd detect a delicate "smokey" flavor. I had 30 guests, and almost EVERYONE asked for seconds!!! Hee, hee, hee!!

          2. Not a cooking or recipe error, but definitely my worst kitchen screwup.

            I took a 9" by 9" Pyrex casserole dish full of enchiladas out of the oven. I set them down on the stove top and thought "these will be nuclear hot -- I'll just let it sit here for a second to cool off." I went into the next room to check my email.

            By the way, did I mention that one of my cast-iron burners on my electric stove was on high? I had planned to boil some water for rice or something, then changed my mind. And that the burners never had any light or glow-y indicator to say they were on high? Oh -- and that I set the casserole on that burner?

            I heard a weird noise, smelled a weird smell, then a very loud CRACK-BOOM. When I went into the kitchen, there was tempered glass and enchilada on all exposed surfaces.

            This was two years ago, and I am still finding little pieces of glass in odd places. And the stove has been replaced with one that gives some indication when a burner is on (other than checking the knobs).

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            1. re: heatherkay

              Good thing you were in the other room!!!

                1. re: heatherkay

                  I'm glad you weren't hurt. That is a great story - I LOVE kitchen disaster stories. Thank maude for e-mail! :-)