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Jan 11, 2007 08:44 PM

Anything newish in St. Aug ?

Headed up to St. Augustine this weekend. First time in about a year. Anything new and delish?

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  1. I put up a St A thread asking for ANY recommends (old, new, etc) about 6 weeks ago and hasn't drawn one reply.

    1. I haven't been there yet, but have heard that The Old City House B&B now does dinners as well as breakfasts, and is very good. I think it has a web site.
      Also heard the restaurant in Casa Monica is good.
      If you want a good gyro, try Theo's on King Street. The spanakopita and the cinnamon rolls are tasty too. If you are into vegan, The Manatee Cafe is good. If you find anything great, let us know.

      1. i dunno about newish, but we love A1A aleworks. also a fun out of the way spot for a good beer is in one of those alley-malls off of st. george street. it's called rendezvous. i think they used to have really good sandwiches as well.

        theres a place i've been wanting to check out when we visit but haven't made it yet same folks who own cowboys and fiddlers, so i bet it's good.

        there is a little restaurant called south seas on the island that has the best fried shrimp - the place itself is kind of run down, but man the shrimp is delicious!!

        i've always liked barnacles' fried shrimp as well -- and their shrimp matanzas.

        1. I just spent my first weekend in St. Augustine, and found what is apparently a "new" restaurant. It's Collage in the historic district--owners recently moved here from Texas and offer fabulous steaks in addition to a great variety of seafood and such. Really nice place with fine dining in a comfortable setting.

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            Opus 39 has a really great tasting menu. A great food experience.
            The Tasting Room- One of the top quality places for creative food and fine ingredients.
            Zhanras- really nice tapas style just before Bridge of Lions

            1. re: LIfoodie

              I don't think that any of these places are really 'new' but they are faves of mine -

              OC Whites is great. It's across from the Restaurant on the Pier - not far from the A1A Brewery (which has recently been revamped a bit). Also, I usually recommend Columbia in the heart of the Old City.

              Oh, and a place called Sangria's. It's got a Latin flavor with tapas, excellent sangria and live music at night. If I'm not mistaken, that is a relatively new place. I cannot remember where exactly it is (as I always get lost in the Old City), but the local maps have it on there. I do remember its on the second floor of the building, though! =)

              Have fun and enjoy!