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Avila or Sorrellina?

Which is better?

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    1. Avila is good, but Sorellina is outstanding.

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        1. Sorellina is excellent. Avila . . . so so.

          1. the first time I went to Sorrellina I loved it, but the last 2 times I was highly disappointed

            1. I like Sorellina better as well. I've only been to Avila a few times but I'm not in love with the food there. I like both the food and atmosphere at Sorellina better. And the truffled fries are to die for.

              1. My one visit to Avila left me with the impression that they'd never run a restaurant before. The bottle of wine our waiter brought out was not the year we'd ordered, but a much more recent vintage (in fact the one they use for wine by the glass), and when we noticed the difference (unfortunately after having already had a glass) he did not correct his error but offered to adjust the price on our bill. Gee, thanks.

                The food was inconsistent and amateurish, and my foie gras with poached pear and vanilla sauce had nothing to foil the sweetness, sort of disgusting.

                1. sorrellina--- while its still good (hopefully) and before it becomes like every other place

                  1. Avila and Sorrellina are not even comparable. Avila is super overpriced, and the food quality is horrible. Sorrellina is great. Do get the insanely expensive fries - worth every dime.