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Jan 11, 2007 08:30 PM

Warning! Minority Report. Wonderful Christmas Eve dinner at Pacific Dining Car S.M

For our 4th year in a row, I took my whole family (wife, 4kids, MIL) to the Santa Monica PDC. What a wonderful dinner in a glorious atmosphere. The steaks were delicous as were the sides (my favorite, the Au Gratin potatoes were to die for). Good crowd on hand (it was packed at 7pm). The only downer of course was the bill. $540 for the 7 of us which included some cocktails, sodas and a nice $55 red zinfandel. I know this place gets bashed a lot but felt it desrved a good review for the great time we had.

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  1. The PDC downtown is my fav rest in LA. There are plenty of trendier or fancier spots, but the PDC never dissapoints and I haven't had a better steak, breakfast or service anywhere. I havent't tried Maestros or Cut for steak yet and I think Sterling has great steaks too.

    1. I try to have their steak and eggs for breakfast at least once a month. Wonderful!

      1. For my money they have the best Eggs Benedict in town. The best for late night breakfast.

        1. Their Eggs Sardoux (spelling?) are the best at any price and you must have their sausage and margaritas.