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Who is extending Restaurant Week?

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As I was out of town until today, we only had a chance to make reservations at 2 restaurants this time, PS7 and Acadiana. Looking at PS7's website, I discovered they are extending RW through the 31st, granted with a change in menu.

Does anyone know of any other restaurants extending the week???

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  1. Dino for sure--probably through the end of the month.

    1789 might be doing their 'non-restaurant' week special.

    1. I've heard Colvin Run Tavern is extending it through 1/31/07.

      1. PS 7 is also extending their RW.

        1. Oya is offering the special all month.

          1. 14K at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel (at 14th and K, duh) is also extending through the end of the month. We live and work in the neighborhood, so we go there often. Great food, and a really warm relaxed atmosphere.

            1. indebleu is extending restauarant week through the next week. I think through Friday for lunch and Wednesday or Thursday for dinner.

              1. Mie n Yu is extending their menu....