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Jan 11, 2007 08:04 PM

Birthday Dinner in Vancouver: Restaurant Recs?

My SO and I will be in Vancouver for one night only Feb 2nd. As it's my birthday, we're planning to hit the town. Any recommendations for restaurants? Preferences would include steak, seafood, but we're willing to try anything.
Thanks in advance!

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    1. Looks good, and were staying nearby! Anything you'd recommend off the menu ("Seafood Tower on Ice???"). Thanks!

      1. No availability. Oh well... I know I'm doing this a bit late, but I just found out that we're making the trip. Any ideas for maybe a more casual place (that would take reservations 2 weeks beforehand?)?

        1. I guess they're booked up with the Dine Out Vancouver crowd.

          Did you try on line?

          If so try phoning and asking before doing anything else they may keep a few tables aside for people like you.

          There are so many restaurants in that 'hood it's stupid-I'll give this some thought before posting back.

          1. Is the oyster bar at Joe's really the best?

            We'll be out there in May and we're thinking of having an oyster feast after we get off the plane. :D