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Birthday Dinner in Vancouver: Restaurant Recs?

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My SO and I will be in Vancouver for one night only Feb 2nd. As it's my birthday, we're planning to hit the town. Any recommendations for restaurants? Preferences would include steak, seafood, but we're willing to try anything.
Thanks in advance!

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    1. Looks good, and were staying nearby! Anything you'd recommend off the menu ("Seafood Tower on Ice???"). Thanks!

      1. No availability. Oh well... I know I'm doing this a bit late, but I just found out that we're making the trip. Any ideas for maybe a more casual place (that would take reservations 2 weeks beforehand?)?

        1. I guess they're booked up with the Dine Out Vancouver crowd.

          Did you try on line?

          If so try phoning and asking before doing anything else they may keep a few tables aside for people like you.

          There are so many restaurants in that 'hood it's stupid-I'll give this some thought before posting back.

          1. Is the oyster bar at Joe's really the best?

            We'll be out there in May and we're thinking of having an oyster feast after we get off the plane. :D

            1. Try www.opentable.com
              It is an online reservation system that has many of the great restuarants on it, you can even search by neighborhood and tyoe of food.

              If it was my birthday, my choices would be: Parkside, Chambar or Shiru-Bay (if you like Japanese Tapas) Sanafir is the new "hot spot" but it is very loud and mostly all women.

              You could always start with a cocktail at: Beyond at the Century Plaza Hotel or Chambar

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                Thanks, Open Table was a great suggestion. I've booked a table at Aqua Riva for Friday night... it sounded good on OpenTable and had a table available at the right time (hope it turns out well!). Your cocktail idea is a good one; I'll look up Chambar now!

              2. Try Aurora Bistro on Main Street.

                A great place for a birthday celebration!

                1. YOU MUST go to the Teahouse in Stanley Park. The name is deciving. The food is incredible! Have fun.

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                    FYI -- The Teahouse is no more. It has been the Sequoia Grill since 2004.

                  2. Two seafood recommendations:

                    1. C Restaurant, http://www.crestaurant.com/, romantic with a great view
                    2. Coast Restaurant, http://www.coastrestaurant.ca/, a little more funky room with great food

                    Good luck and enjoy.

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                      Wow...next time I'm in Vancouver will have to try the "C" and the "Coast"...menus look v. interesting....from what I remember "Joe Fortes" seafoods has always been v. good..."old school" type but then again you pay for it.....

                    2. I just went to the Raincity Grill for my first time, and it was amazing. They specialize in local food, and they're right by English Bay, so it's very Vancouver. Aurora is fantastic too.

                      1. We ended up going to Aqua Riva last Friday night, and it was great! Lovely table by the window with a great view of the water (we liked watching the ferry go back and forth over the course of the evening). We had oysters for starters, as well as the scallops from the Restaurant Week menu (SO ordered that). Very good, although I didn't care for the caviar served with the oysters. SO had the grilled salmon for his main course and raved about it. I had the sablefish, which was cooked perfectly and had a nice, delicate flavor which was set off nicely by the BC savingnon blanc we ordered to drink after the glasses of sparkling with which we started the meal. We ended with raspberry cheesecake (creamy, but not outstanding) and the chocolate espresso/Kalua mousse cake, which was outstanding. The service was excellent: even though the room was packed, our waitress spent a lot of time with us, answering questions and making good recommendations for everything from the wine list to which jazz club to visit after dinner. All in all, I'm glad we went.