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Jan 11, 2007 08:02 PM

Cosimo Wine Bar and Restaurant?

Has anyone gone to the new Cosimo Wine Bar and Restaurant on Route 30 in Malvern?
Menu looks pretty high end, but sort of interesting.

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    1. Wow, that's a lot more expensive than I would have expected. There is a real disconnect between the look of the outside (complete with magnetic sign board!) and that menu. We live very close, and do appreciate high-end food and wine, but wouldn't be able to go very often. Will have to hear more before we put it on our list.

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        This place was absolutely not worth the price. My husband and I went there with another couple and we all got different menu items and our reactions ranged from 'meh' to 'blech!' We left the restaurant angry that we had spent the money, when we could have gone to an excellent BYOB (such as Twin Bays in Phoenixville) and gotten a great meal and wine for much less!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I have been here 3-4 times (mainly for lunch) and do enjoy the flight of wines and especially dessert. The entrees are nothing to write home about...but the desserts are another matter...

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            We ate at Cosimo last month after we were unable to get a reservation at our first choice. Have to say we were pleasantly surprised. I'm surprised to see a complaint about the calamari-we thought it was the best ever, crispy, tender, not greasy, and with a great spicy dipping sauce. Entrees and desserts were also good. Would happily go back again.

          2. Ate here last night and totally agree with bethalooo. There was a very fishy smell in the restaurant, which totally put us off ordering fish. The steak was good, but came with a potato croquette, which put me in mind of nursing home food. The dessert in the narrow shot glasses was annoying to eat as the layers could not be mixed without spilling out the top. We all concluded that there are much better restaurants in the area.