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Jan 11, 2007 07:56 PM

chopsticks as cooking utensils

I keep several pairs of long plastic chopsticks together with all my cooking paraphernalia. They're so useful! I use them to pick up olives, pickles and other things in tall jars. They can be used to mix small amounts of sauces and batters. They can be used for flipping things in the oven. Basically, for almost anything I use tongs for, I can use chopsticks. And they take up so little space and are so easy to clean. I even have the japanese cooking ones for deep frying purposes. Anyone else do this?

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  1. I have a Japanese tempura pot that came with a pair of long cooking chop sticks. I find I use them many times when deep frying. Never thought about using them to get items out of a jar however.

    1. I've never tried this (though I have a million pairs)--what a fantastic idea! Thanks for the tip!

      1. I'm good with chopsticks at a sushi or Asian restaurant, but I'm hesitant to say that I'm as proficient with them as I am with tongs - especially when flipping over hot items in an oven. Good for you though, I wish I had the ability!

        1. In my family, we used chopsticks for a lot of cooking tasks. They're particularly good for turning delicate things like frying bacon strips. Used them to scramble eggs, and to stir them around in the frying pan, too.

          There's a type of Japanese tongs made of bamboo that are also good for more delicate tasks:

          1. Aeons ago I recall Julia Child (who once lived in China) extolling the uses of chopsticks in the kitchen. IIRC, she specifically talked about retrieving a string bean from its blanching water to test its degree of doneness....

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              ... and spaghetti and noodles as well!