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Jan 11, 2007 07:48 PM

Great NY restaurant for anniversary dinner?

My wife and I will be in NY next month and I need ideas for a restaurant where we can celebrate our anniversary. Looking for great food, ambiance and service without spending more than $100 per person.

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  1. babbo's is wonderful

    1. A few specifics would help narrow down the possibilities.

      1. What are your cuisine preferences?

      2. What is your idea of "great... ambiance..."?

      Btw, presuming you want this restaurants to be in Manhattan, you would probably get a bigger response if you posted your request (with specifics) on that board.

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      1. re: RGR

        American or French, preferably, and someplace that's not a noisy, crowded zoo.

      2. I second Babbo. I love that place. You need to make reservations a month in advance. My husband proposed to me there and the food/service is out of this world!!!

        1. Cafe Boulud might stretch your budget a bit, but it is sooo worth it. The room is just the right scale, the service is exceptional and the food is sublime.

          1. DH and I had an amazing meal at Jean Georges for our anniversary - I *think* you can do it under $100 if you're careful with wines - lovely servers, sublime food. Nougatine is the less expensive front of the house. Gramercy Tavern is lovely but I think it might be out of the price range.

            Blue Hill in the village is SO absurdly good as well. Actually, it migh nudge out JG in terms of cozy ambiance.

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            1. re: weezie1818

              I agree on the Blue Hill front. But I'm on record on these pages about Blue Hill over and over and over, sorry to be a broken record.