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Home-made granola question

My mom doesn't like hers to be super sweet so she asks me to cut down on the sugar/syrup. I do and then there isn't enough 'clumping power' so I don't get the nice nuggets of granola. Rather it's more like loose toasted oatmeal.

Any idea how to clump up granola?

Or good recipes?

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  1. Short of using agave nectar, which is still as sweet, I don't know what to tell you. Sugary substances do it best.

    Just cut down the syrup by 1/3 and see waht happens..also, add stuff like nuts and things later on to redcue the sweet.

      1. How about some unsweetened peanut butter?

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          wouldn't it melt in the oven? Or do you mean stir some in after it's baked?

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            I think it would melt in the oven, but wouldn't it clump again when it cooled? I've made granola bars that used a sugar syrup/peanut butter base, heated to a low boil, then mixed with various granola-y components. When it cooled, it set into bars.

        2. You can add oil. Granola gets clumpy through either sugar or fat - you can't cut both.

          1. How about whipped egg white? I've never tried it, but egg whites are a classic binder. Would they work with granola?

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              I don't know...but I might give that a try. I'll report back.

                1. I use the recipe for Vanilla Scented Granola from Epicurious. Look at the reviews of the recipes, someone said after the granola comes out of the oven, press paper towels onto the surface until it cools, and it helps it clump more. The clumps do crumble pretty easily, but there is some clumping. Really easy and delicious recipe, esp with dried fruit added.

                  1. Have you tried boiling the syrup mixture longer so that it gets closer to a candy stage? I find that's how I get my granola to clump more without changing any of the ingredients.