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Jan 11, 2007 07:46 PM

Home-made granola question

My mom doesn't like hers to be super sweet so she asks me to cut down on the sugar/syrup. I do and then there isn't enough 'clumping power' so I don't get the nice nuggets of granola. Rather it's more like loose toasted oatmeal.

Any idea how to clump up granola?

Or good recipes?

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  1. Short of using agave nectar, which is still as sweet, I don't know what to tell you. Sugary substances do it best.

    Just cut down the syrup by 1/3 and see waht happens..also, add stuff like nuts and things later on to redcue the sweet.

      1. How about some unsweetened peanut butter?

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          wouldn't it melt in the oven? Or do you mean stir some in after it's baked?

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            I think it would melt in the oven, but wouldn't it clump again when it cooled? I've made granola bars that used a sugar syrup/peanut butter base, heated to a low boil, then mixed with various granola-y components. When it cooled, it set into bars.

        2. You can add oil. Granola gets clumpy through either sugar or fat - you can't cut both.

          1. How about whipped egg white? I've never tried it, but egg whites are a classic binder. Would they work with granola?

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              I don't know...but I might give that a try. I'll report back.