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Jan 11, 2007 07:42 PM

Wine at Spicy and Tasty in Flushing?

Does any one know if it is possible to BYOB of wine to Spicy and Tasty? I called there to ask but the language barrier was too great.
Also what dishes are best to order-- we are adventurous..

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  1. Practically all Chinese food is at least implicitly sweet, which spoils a dry wine. Also, the peppers will overwhelm the wine, particularly the Sichuan peppercorns that S&T uses so generously.

    Bring a 6-pack of excellent beer instead. Two of you will finish it easily.

    1. you can bring your own wine. not sure about beer though, but i am sure it's fine since they serve both beer and wine. i was there last friday and brought a bottle of champagne to celebrate something. went well with beginning courses, such as dan-dan noodles, cold sesame noodles, eggplant with garlic sauce and beef tendons. however, as KRS remarked, beer is the way to go. they have tsingtao, which is fine for me. it's crisp and light; i would hate to have a dark brew with that type of food.

      as for dish recs: the aforementioned dishes, tofu with spicy minced pork, whole fish or shrimp with blackbean sauce, any of the sliced meats in fresh hot pepper, string beans w/dried pepper, scallion and egg fried rice, double cooked pork, and enhanced pork. that's what i had last time i was there and it was all good. i also tend to order the same things over and over again, so i am sure many other items deserve a taste as well. people frequently give props to the tea-smoked duck. while i think it's ok, i did not find it all that exciting. if you're really adventurous, try the stinky tofu. it smells awful but the taste is actually quite mild.

      1. If you like spicy, order any of the dishes in fresh hot pepper (I had the lamb, which was really good) and prepare to sweat. The eggplant with garlic sauce is also really good.

        1. Hi guys, I'm planning on trekking out here and I'm wondering if someone can confirm that they'll let you BYOB with beer. I like to drink a crisp pilsner or a spicy Belgian tripel with spicy (and tasty) food.