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Jan 11, 2007 07:34 PM

Katsu-ya in encino

I am heading to katsu-ya for dinner saturday any suggestions on what not to miss? Also, what is there 4 1/2 roll that I saw mentioned in a zagat review?

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  1. If you like sloppy theme rolls, go to katsu ya. It has plummeted lately. Eew.

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    1. re: Diana

      If you go to Katsu-ya Encino make sure to bring ear plugs, this place is LOUD LOUD LOUD. I walked in and right back out it was so loud. I much prefer Sushi 4 on 6 across the street. Nice quiet mellow place, good food, always good jazz playing in the background. Tama in Studio City is good as well. And Asanebo across the street, although not "sushi" per se but their omakase is really good and expensive. Two really good places in Tarzana, Sushi Yotsuya and Sushi Iki. Both pricey. I think Iki might be the best sushi place in SFV overall if you don't mind the price.

    2. Haven't been to the Encino location, but at the Studio City branch I get:

      seared albacore with crispy onions
      crispy rice w/ spicy tuna
      honey roll
      Robert's roll sometimes
      I've gotten the 4 1/2 roll, but I can't remember what's in it. It's similar to Robert's roll. Ask the waitress.

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      1. re: Slackerchick

        ditto -- Studio City -- the honey roll is actually not on the menu, but is quite nice.

        I love the baked crab handroll in mamenori (soybean paper)
        and the baked eggplant with albacore.

      2. thanks, basically looks like the same menu as Koi which I have been to many times.

        Ok, Diana you seem to have a stron gopinion where do you go in the valley for sushi?

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        1. re: goldbergd

          iirc, the owner (chef?) of katsuya had a hand in developing the menu for koi.

          1. re: goldbergd

            I like House of Taka for less expensive (if such a thing can be said) IF I want really good really tatsy well presented fish in a nice atmosphere, I go to 4 on 6 or Asanebo.

            I was treated like trash at Tama! kATSUYA now just caters to the "gimme theme rolls with salt and goo" crowd.

          2. try the tuna and avocado layered between rice crackers, there's more too it that makes it yummy, but i dont remember for sure : (. In all honesty tho, katsuya wouldnt be my first choise in the valley, but its always good to try it once! try IROHA on Ventura jusu west of Coldwater Canyon, or Asanebo (little pricey but really good) or if ya really want some AMAZING sushi for your money (less expensive than most places) try SAKURA in Culver City, And try the seared ONO--SOO GOOD, melts in your mouth. of topic>

            1. Please go across the road to 4 on 6 instead. Same price, much more friendly and, most importantly, far better, more interesting fish.